Affordability Of White Label Services In Digital Marketing – A Comprehensive Guide | White Shark Media

Affordability Of White Label Services In Digital Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide | White Shark Media

Adopting white-label services can be a strategic move to scale up operations. However, the question arises — how can I determine if I can afford this shift? This blog post addresses the financial considerations of partnering with white-label providers and some of the common questions that you’ll have. What is a white-label digital marketing agency? When a digital marketing agency considers white-label services, it’s a strategic move that can bring significant benefits. By outsourcing some of their clients’ services, agencies can focus on their core competencies, streamline operations, and potentially increase profitability. What you outsource depends on the agency’s current workload and goals. Some agencies look for white-label partners to improve performance, but others need more workforce to tackle their growing workload. Hiring a white-label provider rather than training and hiring people in-house is often a feasible option. As a leading white-label PPC company, we bring over 14 years of online advertising experience. Our expertise and track record can help your agency grow by offering white-label digital marketing services. Here’s a glimpse of the services we provide to our clients, demonstrating the marketing areas where you can leverage full-service marketing agencies. White Label PPC White Label SEO White Label Social Media Ads White Label Sales Enablement Tools The Benefits of Outsourcing White Label Services Prioritizing your decision-making process is crucial. Understanding the benefits of a service should be the first step, even before evaluating costs. This approach helps you focus on what’s truly important. Why? Because even if you can afford it, you want to ensure you need the services. When our strategists first speak to a potential client, we use an in-house checklist to evaluate whether or not our services will be valuable to them. Here are a few questions that we ask: Do they offer one of the services we white label (PPC, SEO, or Social Media Advertising)? Do they have an in-house team to manage the partner relationship and the relationship with their clients? Do they have an existing client portfolio? Do they have any previous experience with PPC and digital marketing? Are they looking to scale their portfolio? Do they have the resources and tools they need to sell digital marketing? To touch on some of the questions we’ve mentioned above, here is a quick example: If the digital marketing agency we are speaking to has in-house PPC experts and is not looking to scale its portfolio, we won’t be a good fit because they already have what we can offer. If we encounter an agency with an overwhelmed in-house team that cannot expand, our white-label program can be a perfect solution. By partnering with us, the agency can avoid the need to hire more staff. This union allows their in-house team to work more efficiently, with White Shark Media providing support while they handle client communication. Evaluating Your Budget for White Label Services Regarding cost, we have some exciting news—our white-label services are a more economical choice than hiring an in-house team. Not only do you save on salaries, but you also get to start with a team of seasoned professionals, eliminating the need for costly training. “The value of our partnership becomes evident when you consider the premium product we offer, which you can easily mark up. As a white-label provider, we’ve structured our pricing to ensure that digital marketing agencies can still make a healthy profit.” Francisco Lacayo Don’t just take our word for it. Francisco Lacayo, Enterprise Account Manager at White Shark Media, attests, “I always advise my partners to compare our costs with what they spend on US-based PPC strategists and tech stacks to manage accounts. Our product can be marked up by 60-80%, a competitive price in the market. Our management fee covers everything, and with White Shark Media, there are no hidden costs to worry about.” Making the Final Decision Before signing, clients have various questions that allow them to understand the dynamics of our work together. These are great to have handy and can guide in conversations with any white-label provider. Here are some of the most common questions: Do you require long-term contracts? We understand that the needs of our partners and their end advertisers can change over time. That’s why we offer a flexible approach, allowing clients to opt for a month-to-month agreement. We believe in earning satisfaction with our performance and service, not locking you into a contract. Do you have minimum budgets/portfolio requirements? We value each of our partners, regardless of how many clients they bring. We understand that different industries have different needs, and we take a personalized approach to budgeting. While most industries require at least $1,000 to generate enough traction, we review each case individually to set realistic expectations. Are there any extra costs outside of campaign management? White Shark Media ensures that there are no hidden costs beyond our management fee. Management fees are straightforward: you pay per client based on their monthly budget and the administration of the account, such as: In-Depth Research Strategy/Campaign Building Optimizations Reporting Expansion You may also opt to pay our partnership fee. This fee includes all sales enablement tools (proposals, audits, sales, marketing collateral, and sales consultations) and provides access to reporting and project management tools, AdClicks, and the Monday platform. Do you also talk to my clients? Though we do not speak directly to your clients, we ensure that we coach and support your account team across pitches, reports, and questions. What happens if I cancel your services? Does my client get to keep their account? Yes, your client can keep the account. Are you eager to determine if white-label services are viable for your digital marketing agency’s needs? Contact our team for a personalized consultation and take a step towards informed financial decisions in your business expansion.

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