Alma Media Solutions win Grand One in digital marketing competition

Alma Media Solutions win Grand One in digital marketing competition Alma Media Corporation Press release 22 March 2024 ALMA MEDIA SOLUTIONS WIN GRAND ONE IN DIGITAL MARKETING COMPETITION Alma Media Solutions Brand Studio designed and produced a podcast that has been selected as the best in the prestigious digital marketing Grand One competition. The award-winning Cyber Pirates podcast is designed for DNA business solutions. The podcast aims to raise awareness among companies, organisations and individuals about the different forms of cybercrime and thus support a safer Finnish business life and society. – “We wanted to strengthen DNA’s reputation and position as a partner for professionals in the fight against information security threats. The eight-part podcast series targeted business decision-makers in small and medium-sized businesses and reached over 22,000 listeners. Each episode attracted more than 2,500 listeners. Based on the post-campaign kmeasurement, 76% of the podcast’s target group began to consider the important role of information security in their own organization. The biggest thanks for the win belong to DNA and Media Agency Dagmar as well as our knowledgeable and innovative Brand Studio design and production team,” says Hanna Repo , Head of Content Marketing and Brand Studio of Alma Media. Grand One is the largest digital marketing communications competition in Finland, with a total of 20 competition categories. In 2024, the competition was held for the 21st time, with 386 entries in total. The competition is organised by RE: Media Oy. Alma Media Solutions is Alma Media Group’s centralized media sales and marketing organization that enables consumers and professionals in companies to reach out in a timely manner, guided by data, and influence their purchasing and sourcing decisions. Alma Brand Studio is part of Alma Media Solution. For more information: Hanna Repo, Head of Content Marketing, Alma Media Solutions, tel. +358 10 665 2775, [email protected] Alma Media in brief Alma Media is an international company of digital media, marketplaces and services with a strong capacity for renewal. We inspire human curiosity and choice by creating services that combine technology and content with a local heart. In Finland, our best-known brands include Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, Iltalehti, Jobly,, Nettiauto and Nettimoto. Our recruitment services include and in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and in Croatia. In Finland, our business operations include leading housing and automotive marketplaces, financial and professional media, national consumer media and content and data services for businesses and professionals. Alma Media’s international business in Eastern Central Europe, Sweden and the Baltic countries consists of recruitment services and an online marketplace for commercial properties. Alma Media operates in 12 countries in Europe and employs approximately 1,700 professionals. Alma Media’s revenue from continuing operations was EUR 305 million in 2023 of which the share of digital business was 82%. Alma Media’s share is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki. Read more at

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