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Amazon Crashes As Prime Day Kicks Off & Shoppers Lose Their Minds — Tweets


Amazon has suffered a huge embarrassment as the day that it offers its customers big deals the e-commerce crashes within minutes. Predictably the Twitter responses are hilarious.

It seems that everyone loves a good deal. So much in fact that, minutes after Amazon launched its Prime Day deals the e-commerce site embarrassingly crashed! Apparently Amazon couldn’t cope with the surge in traffic and, whoops, the site went down. Obviously customers tweeted their disgust and hilarious responses, which we – of course – are happy to share with you. One person wrote, “Three minutes into @amazon’s #PrimeDay and the website crashes.” Another person added, “You’re an online retailer and it’s only your biggest shopping day of the year… yet your site crashes. Do better Amazon. Do better.”

It’s understandable that Amazon’s Prime Day would be so popular. The deals that the site has offered are amazing and have been touted as being even better and bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As HollywoodLife previously reported, beauty fans can save a huge amount of money on top skincare and makeup products, as well as more affordable fan favorites. For example, makeup fans can score up to 40 percent off Great Lash mascara. Customers can also snap up impressive electronics deals, like a 32-inch smart TV for $129.00 or $20 off the Echo Dot Kids edition, taking the price down to just $59.99.

So, yes, it would almost be foolish not to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day. But, imagine how frustrating it must be to head over to the site and find that it’s not working? Some people saw the hilarious side of the situation and the fact that Amazon’s “Uh-oh something went wrong on our end,” message features dogs. One customer wrote, “When did #AmazonPrimeDay2018 turn into an ASPCA commercial? #PrimeDay *Cue Sarah MacLachlan.” Another person tweeted, “Thanks @amazon for saving me 100% of my money for #PrimeDay.”

Others pointed out that brick and mortar stores must be loving seeing their major rival’s huge sale go down in flames. One person tweeted a photo of Will Farrell as his character, news anchor Ron Burgundy, laughing. The tweet read, “Wal-Mart upper management and stock holders right now. #PrimeDay.”

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