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Images via Cincila / and Apple

In spite of the heaps of jokes describing the 2019 Mac Pro as a high-end cheese grater, Apple has apparently considered applying the same perforations on the iPhone, as uncovered by PatentlyApple in a new patent won by the Cupertino tech giant.

The filing, approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), describes the same “inspired by nature” 3D lattice pattern being used on the iPhone’s rear and side rails to maximize air flow and protect internal components, aside from serving a “pleasing” aesthetical purpose.

According to Apple, the metal sheet’s “light weight and stiffness” will also create a satisfying feel when the user holds the smartphone.

The company is visualizing using other materials besides metal to create the lattice pattern, which can be produced by 3D printing. It has considered ceramic, glass, polycarbonate, and amorphous metal, as well as a combination of these materials. Furthermore, the document details the possibility of various colorway options for the 3D metal sheet.

Apart from the iPhone, the patent covers adding the lattice sheet to a version of the 2013 trash can-shaped Mac Pro, as well.

The document is pretty comprehensive, but that doesn’t mean the concept will come to fruition. The filing is, after all, one of Apple’s countless patents—many of which haven’t been materialized yet.

So whether or not you’ll one day be able to obtain an iPhone as a kitchen utensil remains to be seen.

Image via USPTO

Image via USPTO


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