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Do you love chicken wings so much that you desire to constantly taste them on your lips? Now you can with Applebee’s makeup line, Saucy Gloss. Hot wings, hot dates, and hot gloss are all on its menu tonight.

The food chain may be the last brand on your mind to enter the makeup sphere. Nevertheless, it’s coming in piping hot and it is turning its famous sticky chicken wing sauces into lip glosses.

Four delectable shades of chicken wing-inspired glosses have come out of the saucy tie-in between Applebee’s and beauty brand Winky Lux, each priced at US$18, with the entire set meal going for US$65.

The shades include a coral-colored ‘Get Me Hot Buffalo’, a golden ‘Be My Honey Pepper’, a dark red and gold ‘Sweet Chile Kiss’, and a burgundy ‘Honey BBQ-T’.

Image via Winky Lux

The lip colors are obviously inspired by Applebee’s glossy chicken wings. For example, ‘Give Me Hot Buffalo’ is a nod to the restaurant’s buffalo wings and has inflections of pepper in the aroma of the lip gloss.

Winky Lux was first approached by Applebee’s via LinkedIn, who asked if the makeup brand could make lip glosses that tasted like barbecue sauce. The company set to work after that, experimenting with all sorts of ingredients until the perfect recipe was found.

The wackiness doesn’t stop there. In order to promote the beauty products, a commercial with an original song written by Grey Global Group, entitled Taste My Face, was also created. The premise of the video is about four single people heading out on a date at Applebee’s.

On top of that, this is what the company is calling the first “dateable” music video, as the Instagram handles of its single cast members are displayed during the video for people to slide into their DMs.

So, whether you’re missing that perfect barbecue sauce-shade lip gloss from your makeup bag or you’re missing a special someone to take on a date to Applebee’s, this new campaign will serve it straight up to you.


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