As key political strategists at Social Planet, Vinod and Divya talk about digital marketing’s role in leaders’ political careers

Astounding stories of brands and businesses made from scratch. It is essential to throw more light on the journeys of these brands, platforms, and businesses that inspire greatness and innovation in their respective sectors. One cannot unsee how a few professionals, with their tenacity and zealousness, have brought a much-required change in their niches and have inspired others to do the same. The digital marketing industry is a world of its own, which has grown exponentially because of these astute minds, especially after the rise of the digital space, consisting of marketing for different domains and fields. Many brands and agencies have come forward to take even political figures and personalities towards their desired path of exposure and presence in the online space, just like Social Planet has been doing.

Using online-based technologies and winner-like digital marketing strategies, Social Planet, as a Hyderabad-based company, under the visions of key political strategists Vinod and Divya, has been disrupting the political arena for the better. Speaking about the role of digital marketing in leaders’ political careers, they say that since everything today revolves around the digital space, how could the political world stay behind? Digital marketing efforts help political leaders and parties gain the popularity, presence, and exposure they seek in their journeys, helping them reach the maximum number of voters worldwide.

This helps them do their campaigns without even stepping foot outside, visiting people, or even the need for rallies. Especially after the pandemic, the need for digital marketing for political leaders has seen a noticeable rise, where more and more politicians and leaders use digital marketing services from companies like Social Planet to help them design, curate, create and implement suitable strategies for helping them elevate political leadership. Leveraging the power of the internet and social media platforms, Vinod and Divya highlight that they bridge the gap between voters and leaders as a political agency and digital marketing company.

Divya quotes, “Our company Social Planet (@social_planet_online) is committed to be the voice of these political leaders, to ultimately help them become the voice of the millions of people out there they wish to target. Our strategic moves in digital marketing help these leaders reach more voters and gain the exposure and online presence they deserve.”

Vinod quotes:” We aim at focusing on young leaders. That’s what India needs today – young minds, fresh ideas and determined actions.”

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