Founder Paul Alex Reveals Why Digital Marketing is Essential For Business Owners

It may be hard to hear, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how great your products are or how superior your customer service is if your target audience doesn’t know you’re there. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Marketing is everything. Founder Paul Alex is a business owner who is also an expert in digital marketing. He understands its role in small to medium enterprises and knows that it may not make sense for every business to hire an agency to help with their online marketing.

“I love the freedom associated with digital marketing and entrepreneurship,” he said. “I also love being able to put my ideas into action myself. For example, if I dream up a great social media tie-in at 3 am, I can be at my desk executing it at 6 am.”

Whether it’s because your needs are low or the cost is high, there are many reasons that business owners should be able to perform digital marketing for their own businesses. Among these reasons are that an owner knows their business better than an agency ever could and that a business owner that can do their own digital marketing can be more responsive to trends, competitor promotions, and more.

An Evolving Industry

The industry has moved far beyond pop-up ads and banners. Today’s digital marketing landscape is dotted with targeted social media campaigns, timely online promotions, and more.

Paul Alex is thankful that his company — which teaches people how to make a good living from the income generated by owning non-bank-affiliated Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) — creates passive income, allowing him more time to focus on aspects like digital marketing.

The entrepreneur didn’t spend his entire career working for himself, though. He was a police detective for many years but long dreamed of working for himself. Around 2017, he began a side hustle that would change his life. He bought a few ATMs.

By 2020, he was making five figures from his new venture and realized he could leave his full-time job and teach the ATM business to others as well.

“I was not on social media for seven years but decided to create a Facebook profile to network with other ATM entrepreneurs. However, I quickly realized that there wasn’t a group or community where those interested or involved in the ATM business could join and share their experiences and tips with like-minded individuals. So, I created one,” Paul Alex explained.

Today, that group has over 42,000 members and offers a space for would-be ATM entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Paul Alex’s ATM automation program helps people across the US to create fully realized ATM businesses.

In less than two years, Paul Alex has taught more than 1,400 new entrepreneurs. Below are his thoughts on why business owners should develop digital marketing skills.

Budget Friendly

Marketing can be expensive; it’s just that simple. In this case, the adage, ‘you have to spend money to make money,’ is somewhat true.

However, by learning about digital marketing and running Instagram and Facebook ads — which can start at just $5 — you can save the higher cost of paying an expert or agency to run the campaigns for you. And you can watch the results in real-time, letting you know where to continue spending your ad dollars and where to cut costs when you aren’t getting results.

Targeted Audience Reach

You can hone in on your target audience when you know about digital marketing. You can have your ads seen only by those that you believe are your best bets for making sales. Targeting also means you don’t have to waste ad budget on imprints seen by people who have little interest in your product.

Target by age, gender, education level, income, city, job title, hobbies, and more. If you aren’t sure who your target audience is, there are many free analytics tools for Google, Facebook, and more.

“Ultimately, targeted customers will want to give you their business, even if you have something comparable to the market. That’s why understanding the science behind marketing your business is essential to being successful and your ticket to setting yourself apart from the competition,” said Paul Alex.

Lead Generation

High-quality lead generation is always on the wish list of any business owner. When you run your own digital marketing, you can track sales and ad performance, review who hovered over your ad, follow the path a buyer traveled to reach your check-out, and much more.

Business owners love that the data they see from running campaigns is tangible. You know exactly how many people saw your ad, at what time of day, from which location, and beyond. It’s one of the most powerful tools out there for lead generation.

Following these tips from Paul Alex, it’s easy to see why becoming a top-level digital marketer could really pay off for your business.

About Paul Alex and

Paul Alex is a former law enforcement officer turned entrepreneur. He has experience in sales and digital marketing. He founded Automation Services to help clients establish their first ATM locations throughout the United States. The company has helped educate an excess of over 42,000 aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide regarding the ATM industry and currently has over 1,400 clients enrolled into their ATM Automation program. For more information, please visit

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