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Original Pocket Rocket. Image via SOL Motors

Most people would be used to seeing bulky motorcycles on the roads, and even if they’re electric, they often resemble their fuel-guzzling brothers.

Now, after a three-year wait from its unveiling, Speed Of Light (SOL) Motors is accepting orders for its unique electric bikes.

The ‘Pocket Rocket’ is immediately eye-catching, considering it looks nothing like what you’d expect. Everything is hidden in a single ‘pipe’ frame, with few other features completing its minimalist look.

Image via SOL Motors

According to Electrek, that one large pipe contains the motorcycle’s removable battery, all the wiring, lights, the controller, and everything else needed for it to work. You’ll be sure to stand out if you take this pipe bike onto the streets!

SOL Motors has released the original motorcycle alongside a newer model: the Pocket Rocket S. The bikes’ riding features are nothing to sniff at, with both models fitted with special functions such as hydraulic disc brakes and a Combined Braking System (CBS) for extra safety. The original model goes up to a 28 mph, while the quicker Pocket Rocket S can reach a maximum of 50 mph.

Image via SOL Motors

An important note is that while the original is classified as an L1e bike, the Pocket Rocket S is in the L3e category. This means both of them are in separate motor vehicle groups, which require different licenses.

Riders can now submit preorders here. The first batch of motorcycles are expected to be shipped by Spring/Summer 2022. The Rocket Pocket goes for €5,980 (US$6,940) and the Rocket Pocket S at €6,980 (US$8,100).

Pocket Rocket S. Image via SOL Motors


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