Best Digital Marketing Ideas for a Preschool

byJess Cooper
Digital Marketing
It is a fact that we live in a highly digital and tech-driven world. In this world, new forms of business and the way we do them have emerged. This new era also brought various changes to the way we advertise our business. The dominant way of promoting one’s products and services has become virtual and thus a new form of marketing – digital marketing has evolved. To achieve business success nowadays, every business needs to invest in digital marketing strategies. 
However, not all digital marketing strategies work for all businesses in the same way. If you own and run a preschool, a specific set of digital marketing strategies can boost your online presence and bring in more parents with kids. Keep reading to learn more about them.

The base of plausible digital marketing strategies is an appealing website – so build or redesign your website. Then, create business pages on several relevant social media channels and be active. When it comes to marketing specifically, you can advertise your business on social media, as well as via emails or pay-per-click marketing. Another thing you can use for business promotion is incorporating a virtual tour of the preschool into your website. It is a perfect way to showcase your premises and use it to distinguish you from your competitors. Other digital marketing strategies include local SEO, listing and directories as well as influencer marketing.

1. Maintain your website
Building an online presence is the crucial step in developing a functional and effective digital marketing strategy. The way to start building an online presence is through an efficient and appealing website. Many people think when they set up their website, that they have done all the work. But that’s where they make a mistake. After you’ve done setting your website up, you should maintain it. That means checking if all the sections are functional, and updating the pages frequently as well as your blog. All the information on your website should be relevant and up-to-date.

2. Be active on social media
The next essential step when it comes to building your online presence and creating as well as running digital marketing strategies is creating pages on relevant social media channels. You should do research and find out which social media channels are relevant in the early education niche. That’s where you’ll start with. Create business pages and keep them up do date. Make sure that you share interesting, interactive, insightful and meaningful content. That will help you in creating a community. For example, many competent child care centres have their business pages on Facebook and Instagram, as their target audience mostly uses these social networks.

3. Use email marketing
Email marketing is also an inevitable form of marketing that yields results. Digital marketing for a preschool is simply not complete without email marketing. This form of marketing is a perfect way to reach out to the target audience directly and impact them positively. You need to work on emails to be sent at regular intervals. Be careful when drafting these emails – they shouldn’t focus on explicitly asking parents to enroll their kids in your institution. Rather, they should give some parenting education-related tips as well as share some interesting details, workshops, and plays from your childcare. They need to feel that they want to be a part of your community.

4. Use pay-per-click marketing
Also, what is also necessary to invest in is pay-per-click marketing. This kind of marketing is ideal for promoting your preschool business (or any business as a matter of fact) as you pay only for ads that somebody clicked on. PPC can even raise brand awareness by 80%, which is a good enough reason to start investing in it. You can run PPC ads on various social networks such as Facebook and Instagram as well as on Google. A great thing about PPC is that it is measurable in terms of the SEO efforts invested. So, you can clearly see what works for you and to what extent.

5. Incorporate a virtual tour of the preschool into your website
When choosing a preschool for their kids, many parents like to visit it first. However, parents usually don’t have so much free time to visit every single preschool they are interested in. That’s why incorporating a virtual tour of your preschool into your website would be a great asset. Enabling parents to see how your preschool looks from the comfort of their homes is a huge advantage. Having this feature could be the turning point for parents to make a choice. 

6. List your website in listings and directories
There are plenty of free listings and directories you can use to list your preschool online. This helps parents find you more easily. It is not difficult to do this. You just need to find local directories and list your business in the right category. Some of the most effective listings include Google my business and Buzzapp. Buzzapp is a marketing app for all preschools, so listing your preschool there can help prospective parents find you there. It allows you to post contact information and upload some photos.

7. Focus on local SEO
Local search engine optimization is important as it helps optimize your website so local people looking for services or products you offer could find you more easily. Basically, it increases the visibility of your brand in your local area. This is important as the majority of preschool attendees are local children. Parents always try to find a preschool that’s nearby, so they could manage their work and other obligations optimally. You can optimize your website for local searches by including your location in your webpage titles. When parents look for a preschool in your area, the search engine will direct them to your website. 

8. Opt for influencer marketing
​Nowadays, influencers also play a key role in raising your brand awareness. People love when people they admire and respect make some suggestions. You can look for some educational influencers to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy. You can also organise a visit to your preschool.

Remember that you need to update your digital marketing strategy frequently to keep up with current trends. Continue improving your preschool and introducing changes according to market needs.


Jess Cooper is a part-time journalist and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She is an energetic, creative, highly motivated person with plenty of interests. The most prominent areas of interest include business, marketing, communications and lifestyle.

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