Build Your Email List On X – Digital Marketing News 8th September 2023

Build Your Email List On X – Digital Marketing News 8th September 2023

Share Instagram feed posts with close friends only

People don’t post on social as much as they used to. I’m not talking about creators or businesses. I’m talking about non-marketers. 

It seems that people feel pressure to create something Instaworthy. So instead of posting publicly they use messaging tools and share to close friends lists.

Social networks need to adapt. And Instagram is on it. 

Until now, close friend sharing has been limited to stories but now you can share a feed post with just your close friends list. This is great for individuals but it could also be a cool way to share offers with your best customers. 

Grow your email list on X

The nice thing about an email list is that it doesn’t rely on a single platform. Once you have an email list it’s portable, you can take it to any platform. That’s why marketers love them.

That could make the latest update from X/ Twitter a big draw for businesses.

If you allow paid subscribers on your X account, people who sign up now have the option to share their email addresses with you. 

I’m not sure about the GDPR implications but it seems like a good thing. You can build your list and your paid subscribers at the same time, and if paid subs stop being a thing or you leave X you can bring those subscribers somewhere else.

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Meta AI opt-out

Are you happy for your personal info to be used to train AI?

If not, Meta is giving you an opt-out. But maybe not the one you hoped for. 

Like all tech companies Meta is getting in on the generative AI thing. It has its own AI tool called LLaMA. 

If you don’t want your personal data used to feed the machine you can fill a form that gives you the option to access, alter or delete any personal data that is used in its machine-learning models. 

This isn’t related to the content you post on Meta, just personal info scraped from the web. 

More engagement triggers for Instagram

Instagram wants us to engage more on the platform. Last week I reported on a new tool that will add comments from posts and Reels to stories. 

This week some users are seeing a prompt to attach an interactive sticker to posts they share to stories. It’s interesting that both these updates relate to adding posts to stories. 

Instagram hasn’t been keen on post-sharing to stories previously. It even considered getting rid of the option. But now, by adding engagement triggers like these those stories could be more relevant to viewers. 

For businesses, engagement is a handy social media measurement metric. It can tell you that people are consuming your content and indicate the type of content that resonates the most with your audience. So this can only be a good thing.

When you share a reel or post to your story, #Instagram now prompts you to use their interactive stickers

— Ahmed Ghanem (@ahmedghanem)

Reddit AI keyword tool for ads

It’s like Reddit suddenly decided it wanted to make money and the way they will do that is with a great ads service.

Last week we saw them add additional measurement tools, this week they’ve added a keyword research tool that uses machine learning.

The tool will suggest relevant keywords you can use in your targeting and analyse the context to ensure brand safety.

Which is nice.

How do you get help from Facebook when their system messes up?

There are options, not great options, but they are there. If you have a business page there is sometimes a chat window you can use on desktop, sometimes. It’s occasionally helpful but hasn’t been available on mobile.

But now some people are seeing a new tab on the main Facebook app that offers business support. This will be helpful for people who have been locked out of their account on desktop, but will the support actually be any good? I’m not hopeful.

Facebook has directly added business support within the app.

— Jonah Manzano (@jonah_manzano)

Long Reels

Who remembers IGTV? It was Instagram’s long-form video platform designed to rival YouTube with one major difference. The videos were vertical rather than horizontal.

It didn’t take off the way Instagram hoped and it ended up being incorporated into regular videos on the platform. 

But now Reels might get longer. The current limit is 90 seconds but according to reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi that could soon be extended to 10 minutes, matching the max length of uploaded videos on TikTok

As much as this will be useful to creators, longer videos aren’t always better videos, so if you’re going to max out those 10 minutes you need to be amazing to get people to view.

#Instagram is working on the ability to create #Reels up to 10 minutes long 👀

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a)

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