Businesses’ Digital Marketing Strategies Have Been Greatly Influenced by The Integration Of AI – NaijaTechGuide

Businesses' Digital Marketing Strategies Have Been Greatly Influenced by The Integration Of AI - NaijaTechGuide

Artificial intelligence, Ai for short, is the rage at the moment, and it will keep leading the way. AI isn’t a thing of science fiction any more. It’s here, and it’s happening all around us. Still, many don’t have a clue what it is. Almost half of people who come across AI don’t even realize it. Modern-day technology creates exciting opportunities for ambitious enterprises in every industry. Many companies now use AI to handle various applications. Of all a firm’s functions, digital marketing has the most to gain from AI, as it helps provide personalized experiences to customers.

Digital marketing is an all-embracing concept that incorporates everything from distribution platforms to budgets, SEO to blog posting. In case you didn’t already know, these are capabilities that AI can enhance substantially.

Of course, there have been reservations about AI emergence and the impact it will have on business, but adoption is growing across industries. Digital professionals such as Seeders strongly believe that AI directly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It’s a view shared by in-house marketers, digital marketing agencies, and freelance digital marketers. AI has made its way into digital marketing, yet it can take on a bigger role in the upcoming years.

There Are Two Ways Businesses Can Use AI To Improve Their Digital Marketing

At times, it can feel like the list of tasks is never-ending, each arising out of a unique demand state. You find yourself facing unique challenges to your craft. The will is there, but the result doesn’t hit the mark.

AI is a powerful tool because it allows you to automate tasks like sending newsletters, campaign management, and even generating content. Nevertheless, it’s not so straightforward if you’re trying to tap into a foreign market.

Expanding your business into the United States can be a fantastic opportunity, but take the time to plan and prepare for the process. Many strategies and techniques are involved in digital marketing in the USA, focusing on search engine optimization (SEO), website listing, and lead generation.

You might be wondering: How does this look in practice? It’s possible to harness the power of AI on the backend to estimate and predict customers’ future demand for a product, create customer profiles, automatically buy and optimize digital campaigns, and so forth.

Equally, AI can be leveraged on the other customer-facing side for higher engagement, strengthening the brand and increasing sales fast. You’ll see the greatest value by pursuing integrated machine-learning applications and simple rule-based and task-automation systems that offer a good return on the investment from a commercial standpoint. You ought to move to more automated decisions whenever possible.

So, What Do Google Bard and ChatGPT Mean for The Future Of SEO?

ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike informative conversations, was launched by OpenAI on November 30, 2022, and it became popular very quickly. According to Seeders, a top agency that offers professional SEO services, it’s regarded as the biggest threat to Google’s online supremacy.

ChatGPT is able to deliver answers in real-time based on the user’s input, retrieving information from online sources, much like Google. The difference is that ChatGPT generates text that’s similar to that written by a human; it’s been designed to understand the nuances of language. Additionally, ChatGPT is capable of handling various tasks, such as language translation, and grasping the context of the conversation.

Google launched Bard in reply to ChatGPT on February 6, which is currently available in over 40 languages in more than 230 countries. The AI chat service is powered by Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), originally developed and introduced as Meena in 2020.

On account of its training, LaMDA can comprehend nuanced questions and hold conversations covering several different topics. Not only does Bard broaden Google’s search, but it can also be integrated into websites, messaging platforms, and applications, to name a few, to respond logically to any human language. The incorporation of the Pathways Language Model (PaLM) allows Google Bard to be more visual in its responses.

Informational Search Queries No Longer Have the Advantage

When someone conducts an informational search query, they don’t seek an answer but information about something. In other words, they’re not looking for a specific site and aren’t interested in completing a commercial transaction.

The implementation of Google’s generative AI chatbot powered by LaMDA and ChatGPT’s enviable pattern of growth represents an imminent danger to informational search queries. As highlighted by Seeders, websites that have too much informational content might lose a considerable amount of traffic, therefore experiencing a decrease in visits and clicks.

By contrast, sites that optimize for money keywords with high search volume and competition in terms of ranking in Google search won’t be impacted by these developments. As Bard adds more languages and countries, professionals should consider international SEO strategies.

Looking Into The Future, Sophisticated Methods Like AI Can Be Used For Link Building

As we’re heading towards 2024, it’s clear that link building is getting a major facelift. More polished methods will be used for link acquisition, such as AI-powered tools that automate certain types of decisions, taking humans out of the loop, so as to say.

AI can automate repetitive tasks such as backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, and content creation, which can save time and increase efficiency. Above all, AI algorithms can examine vast amounts of data to identify the most relevant and authoritative websites to target.

You can take advantage of AI to further simplify the process. To be more precise, an AI writing tool can automatically create the draft of the email to send out based on the context of your previous emails and the prompts you give it.

Concluding Thoughts

AI holds great promise for digital marketing, yet it’s important to be realistic about its current capabilities. For the time being, the ground-breaking technology can accomplish narrow tasks, meaning it can’t run a campaign on its own.

The biggest advantage of using AI is automation – you can make faster, data-driven decisions and eliminate pain points, bottlenecks, and disruptions. AI is already transforming digital marketing, so don’t waste any more time and develop a strategy to leverage its current functionality (and its likely future).

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