Cannibalization of keywords between ecommerce and blog

The cannibalization of keywords is a common adequate problem when dealing with online stores that have a blog site in between their sections. This negative SEO aspect happens mainly for 2 reasons: poor content preparation and a bad SEO strategy.In truth, in my

individual case, when you ask the owners of these ecommerce since they have a blog, a number of them do not even understand what to respond to. They merely exonerate themselves by launching expressions such as “Due to the fact that I have actually read you have to have it” or “Because if not the web is not updated which Google does not like it”

Well, I’m going to knock down myths.What is a blog site and what is it for?A blog site

is a very essential tool for an ecommerce as long as it is done well. That is, if you are going to have a blog for having it, the best thing is that you do refrain from doing anything.On the other hand,

declaring that having a blog site is the only method to get an upgraded online store is false.If your ecommerce is small and only has 20-50 repaired items in the catalog, it is specific that your ecommerce will barely be updated(unless you are continuously enhancing the item listings, categories, and so on). If in your online store do not stop going into and leaving brand-new products, the online store will have sufficient motion and you will not require to have a blog. As I constantly state, to do things wrong, better not to do them.Well, as soon as clarified the concept on whether to have a blog or not in an ecommerce

we opt for today’s topic, the cannibalization of keywords in between the online shop and the blog.What is the cannibalization of keywords?Basically a cannibalization of keywords occurs when browsing

for a particular search term(keyword

)2 various outcomes appear from the exact same web page.This is a negative SEO element for the following reasons: Google is not clear about which page it has to show to address the

user’s question and that indecision may get a bad user experience, thus aggravating your bounce rate.When contending two pages of the exact same web for a single click you will be losing CTR for those searches.You dilute the authority of the website considering that you will treat the very same subject in 2 different pages. If instead of dealing with those two similar/ equivalent topics in 2 pages, you will treat them in one, gain authority and enhance resources.Normally, this cannibalization of keywords is produced by a deficient content method and restricted knowledge of SEO.In addition, this issue not just generally takes place in the ecommerce/ blog site relationship, it likewise happens

really often in between different indexed items of similar characteristics within an ecommerce.Hence the value of making unique product listings and optimized SEO to prevent errors like this. Anyway, in the worst case you can always de-index the item sheets till they meet a minimum of quality.Therefore, if you do not want to fall under the typical mistake of cannibalization of keywords in ecommerce, it would be best if you previously prepared an appropriate SEO strategy.As I constantly state, the SEO process to be carried out is always the same and is repeated continuously in a circular way: Planning, Implementation, Measurement, Conclusion Performing this process I make sure that you will have much more controlled the cannibalization of keywords within the logical unrestrained SEO that exists in any online store with a lot of stock.How to prevent cannibalization of keywords As you have seen, the cannibalization of keywords happens when discussing the very same topic( or keyword)in various pages

of the site.That is, if you discuss”red heels”on two different pages of your online shop it is most likely that they cannibalize each other.So, if I use the word shoes on a page, can I not use it anymore on the entire web? No, you can and should do it. The only thing is that you need to be careful not to optimize two pages of the online shop for the same keyword.It is inevitable to duplicate words within a web page of a particular size. Nevertheless, if you do, you ought to avoid repeating the keyword lots of times. To do this you should utilize synonyms and derived keywords, prevent getting in

the keyword in the headings, etc.There are many tricks to manage the cannibalization of keywords within an online store.However, it is true that you must beware when optimizing the contents of an ecommerce especially if

you index the item listings. It is really common to index the very same item in numerous colors …(although for that the best thing would be to utilize canonicals, a faceted system, and so on …)The crucial thing to avoid cannibalization is that you attempt to avoid as much as possible dealing with the very same keyword in 2 various locations of the website.How to avoid this element between the online store and the ecommerce The secret to avoiding the dispute between both parts of the website will be in the intentionality of the keyword. That is, what a user actually tries to find when typing a keyword.Under my viewpoint there are 2 kinds of keywords (Some professionals price quote a lot more however that is currently a decision of each one). Informational: That is, those in which the user is searching for info on the style How to do …? Where to discover …? This type of keywords are basic and brief tail generally. Transactional: This type of keywords that are usually long tails are those in which the

user look for said keyword since he desires that particular item. Within these kinds of keywords could be “Harry Potter magic wand”” Where to buy fans without blades”. How I suppose you have actually deduced, the first ones will plainly be the keywords that you will have to attack in the blog of your ecommerce and the second are those that you will use in your online shop. We are going to shed it.Keywords to use within the blog site Within the blog, the strategy will be to assault informational and generalist keywords.Users who go into from these types of keywords or
inquire to later leave or still do not understand extremely well what they want.That is to say, the users that enter through educational keywords remain in the most distant part of the Customer Journey and, therefore, they can transform in a medium or long term but never in the brief term.However, not for that factor you ought to leave them aside. Having a pertinent blog site in the sector will allow you to draw in a faithful audience and customers in a medium/ long term as long as you do well.In addition, with the blog you can attack other

types of more general keywords and in this way draw in a higher number of prospective consumers to your online store.Keywords to use within an online store In ecommerce

the technique to be followed will be totally different. What you are looking for here is a user who is currently identified to purchase

a product. That is to state, in the ecommerce you will not look for a user who gets in for” red shoes “and who still does not have very clear what he wants.That is to say, the user that you get through these transactional keywords should be a figured out user of the purchase, who knows what he wants and who comes to be left the money.For this factor the keywords that you will have to attack here will be long tails and transactional. That is to state, the user that you will assault here will be the one who searches for”red shoes of shiny leather size 42″or “online store offering taps tailored” As you will see, these types of keywords will have a volume

of searches much lower than basic keywords

. Nevertheless, its conversion power will be much higher compared to the educational keywords.Is keyword cannibalization so serious?How whatever in SEO depends.If for example for the same keyword appear 10 outcomes of your websites you will have a serious cannibalization problem.However, if only a number of outcomes appear, the best thing would be to examine the origin of the issue and modify it if you

have time. If you do not have time you will not have to remedy that error urgently as it will not be important. Whatever will depend upon the resources you have and the seriousness of the problem.Perhaps, despite having a cannibalization problem in your online store you might have other more important issues within your ecommerce. Procedure and focus on tasks based on your time, resources and the effect of the action on sales.The work of prioritizing actions is also a

fundamental part of good SEO. In addition, the cannibalization of keywords as long as it is more or less controlled may not be an issue so major regarding treat it urgently.

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