Casa Media – Why Digital Marketing in Real Estate is Crucial

However, the real estate industry, which is continuously growing in importance and interest, doesn’t seem to have an online presence to match right now – quite simply, it isn’t there yet in terms of digital marketing. In a field where building a strong network of contacts is crucial, focusing on changing this lack of investment is an easy fix that could make a world of a difference.

We know how hard the job is, and we want to help you make the most of all your efforts by showing you how you can take your business to the next level. Gone are the days of lawn side for sale signs – this is your sign to invest in a strong digital marketing strategy to set yourself apart and get to your consumers online.

What is the current state of the real estate market?

First and foremost, let’s quickly review the state of affairs of the real estate market, specifically in Québec. After all, we believe that only in understanding what’s happening now and what’s to come can we know how to properly prepare for it. In short :

What does it all mean? Jake, our marketing director here at Casa, gives it all a bit of context : “In 2023, we can expect more homes to hit the market, and house prices to decrease. Although interest rates keep climbing, Canadians still believe real estate is a viable option. With prices having previously soared during the pandemic as a result of higher demand, and lower offering, we believe this dynamic will change due to an increase in availability and more affordable prices.“

What is the current use of digital marketing in real estate?

As mentioned earlier, the way people search and buy in all markets has changed in the last few years. As such, house hunting had a more physical aspect in the past: people walked around, did open houses, etc. After a few years of social distancing and with the ability to do everything remotely, these same people are now asking for accessibility more than everything else – they have to be able to search, look up and visit everything online. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing their interest, fast. 

With technology now playing a critical role in property searches, having a strong marketing strategy is absolutely vital to your success. Ultimately, to have customers that choose you and engage with your business rather than with your competitors, you have to ensure that you are where they are. And yet, the real estate industry doesn’t seem in any hurry to invest their time in their online presence. 

Jake expands : “the use of digital marketing in the industry is mediocre at best. With a lull in the market characteristic of an upcoming boom in sales, now would be the perfect time for agencies and brokers to invest in their online side of the business. Only the big players seem to have realized this, and even then, the efforts they put in are still minimal.” 

The real estate industry is unlikely to change: your competitors will remain fierce, and your customers will mostly remain online. However, one change you can make to beat your competition to the punch is putting the time in when it comes to having an unmissable digital presence supported by a strong marketing strategy. Yes it requires supplemental efforts, but doing it right can be a huge springboard for success – it can lead to increased brand visibility, lead generation and client retention (both on the seller and buyer sides). Basically, the golden ticket to being the real estate king of the online market is still up for grabs… You only need to have the guts to reach for it !

Concrete Ways Digital Marketing Can Help in the Real Estate Industry

Still unsure that you should be investing in digital marketing? Here are several ways it can make a tremendous difference in your business (for the best, of course)!

Which specific marketing efforts should you focus on?

Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start? Don’t worry, Casa’s here to pinpoint where we think you should concentrate your efforts first. 

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Sensing you are a bit out of your depth?

That’s what we are here for! With a multitude of services in the digital marketing field, we can help you reach your goals. All you have to do is let us take care of everything! Sounds interesting? Contact us and let’s make your real estate dreams come true.

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