Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

The emergence of social media has significantly increased the channels for marketing and promotion, resulting in incredibly profitable opportunities to explore in digital marketing. There are numerous creative, technical, and inventive strategies to explore using various tools and approaches on today’s popular platforms, however, there are many factors to be considered while choosing the right one for your business. Listed below are ten main types of digital marketing strategies, followed by a brief look into their best aspects. Read on to understand which of these (or their combination) will work best for your brand.

Top Ten Digital Marketing Strategies Today

Content Marketing

Content Marketing – Includes written content as well as audio and visual content created to impress your brand’s message into the minds of your target audience. These can be broadcasted through platforms most used by your core customers, be it social media platforms, ecommerce websites, or other content curation websites. The challenge here would be staying relevant in an already content-cluttered digital environment.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing – There are two ways to implement this strategy. You can either go the organic way or the paid way. In the organic method, you optimize your content in a way that keeps it topmost in the search results when your target audience searches for products or services related to your brand. In the paid way, you invest in a Pay Per Click or PPC Campaign, where your brand gets a top ranking spot in search results, and you only pay if your ad is clicked on. The challenge here is keeping up with dynamically changing search engine algorithms.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising – Ad spaces in popular websites which can go beyond the immediate scope of your brand. Identify the digital spaces where your target audience frequents, and advertise your products or services there to increase your brand recall value. Targeting and retargeting your customers lead to good conversion rates if done creatively and innovatively. The challenge here is coming up with concepts that grab the attention of your intended audience.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing – Adapting all your digital marketing strategies to make them mobile-friendly is very important these days since most (if not all) of your customers will be interacting and engaging with your brand through their mobile devices. Additional methods like push notifications through your apps, running ads on popular mobile games, SMS’s, geo-fenced alerts are some of the efficient ways in mobile marketing. The challenge here is making your content unique and creative in a very limited screen-space.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – The most popular method these days, Social Media Marketing or SMM can prove to be extremely effective for your business even before you launch your brand. Creating a buzz, interacting with your target audience to keep them engaged, maintaining a continuous conversation with them and keeping it fun, informative, and interactive can form a bond of trust and loyalty between your brand and customers. The challenge here is making your brand stand out from the crowd of your competitors.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Among the oldest digital marketing strategies, email marketing is a proven content marketing strategy that has mostly stood the test of time. While emails are considered the best way to run seasonal and special promos, keeping in touch with your customers regularly through value added content relevant to them and your brand can subtly ensure that you stay relevant in their minds. The challenge here is to make sure your audience opens your email.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer MarketingInfluencer Marketing – An influencer with a quality audience relevant to your niche market would mean half your job is done. The audience trusts the influencer, and they will happily spend time to know more about your product or services. The challenge here is to find trustworthy individuals with integrity in order to keep up with the cancel-culture, where the personal lives of influencers sometimes affect the brands they are associated with.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – Outsourcing your marketing task to other people or a brand in return for a commission has been a popular strategy for a while now, used by giants such as Amazon. The challenge here is properly educating your affiliates about your brand and ensuring they adhere to your brand guidelines.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing– The newest kid on the block and proven to be a very successful strategy since it stays with the audience for a while if you make it interesting enough. Creativity is key here, and finding the balance between delivering your brand content while making it seem more than just an advertisement can prove to be challenging.

Audio Marketing

Audio Marketing– From internet radios and podcasts to smart home assistants, audio marketing is in rage these days. The challenge here is including a CTA, since motivating your audience via an audio platform will need more effort than other types of digital platforms.

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