Cititel Hotel Management picks IH Digital as their preferred partner for their China Digital Marketing

Cititel Hotel Management is a well-established chain of hotels across the Asia Pacific. Strategically situated in the bustling business area of cities, commercial districts and local attractions, CHM hotels are well-suited for travellers. With the rapid increase of outbound travellers from China, it is important to focus on how to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness among Chinese jet-setters. Cititel found its way to their audience through China digital marketing.

Biggest Social Media Platform Weibo

One of the most popular social media platforms in China is Sina Weibo. Weibo had 446 million monthly active users, growing by nearly 100 million users in 2018 alone and the number of users still accumulate as of today. Eighty-two percent of Weibo users also shop online which makes it an effective tool in your marketing strategy. Sina Weibo makes it easy for businesses to increase brand awareness in the Chinese digital market through IH Digital’s social media strategy and management. KOL also allows businesses to expand their reach by recommending or featuring the brand services and product to their loyal followings. One of the first steps is to have your Weibo page set-up and verified. The verified page would gain a “Blue V” badge that will allow you to boost ads, join Weibo activities, promote product and services, do data analysis and etc. on your Weibo.

Cititel Hotel Management Weibo Page

IH Digital helped Cititel Hotel Management to set-up their Weibo page, manage the community, create content and run ads.

Internet Content Provider Certification

ICP or Internet Content Provider is a licence for your website to operate smoothly on a Chinese server. This licence is issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Your China digital marketing will be highly successful if you have a licensed website presence in China. ICP is needed especially if your website is suspected to have suspicious content, then it allows you to apply for re-examination. Here are some ICP benefits that can help your China digital marketing needs:

  • SEO Ranking – Your web page could have a better ranking in search engines in China such as Baidu and Sogou if you are an ICP
  • SEM Strategy – By obtaining an ICP licence, your website can promote better through Baidu adword.
  • Better user experience – Having an ICP licence means you’ll have a .cn domain which Chinese consumers deem as “authentic” and reliable.
Cititel Hotel Management Website

China Influencer Marketing: Asia travel Club

We recommend Asia Travel Club as the leading influencer marketing effort, because of its highly relevant influencer community and the ability to deploy immediately.  Asia travel club is a social commerce initiative that leveraged on social messaging platform to connect brands with travel influencers across Asia. To guarantee brands the efficacy of a KOL, ATC helps to screen its influencers by examining their content and social media presence. Influencer opinions are reliable purchase decision generators, they can increase traffic to brands’ websites which means increased direct booking revenue. Being a partner of ATC and collaborating with its registered online influencers can help to drive brand awareness, interest and sales. You can drop your details here to get started!

Translation: #金芒vlog# [02. Detective shop Kuala Lumpur] A well-known and popular hotel known to Chinese tourists, directly connected to two large shopping malls and only one stop from the city center. I went to Kuala Lumpur for a few days, and I was left to the [Grand Garden New Season Hotel] in one day. The hotel has the pool, gym, lounge and high-end restaurant, the room is five-star level and absolutely clean, and more importantly, not expensive! ! Downstairs lobby is directly connected to a high-end shopping mall that covers a lot of luxury brands. There is also a mass mall connected to it. More than 600 brand stores, children’s centers, two cinemas, VR game centers, catering centers, local red snacks have everything… Get it in one stop! And most of the clerk and the front desk will also speak Chinese, young people want to go free and afraid that English is not good, live here is not wrong! !

The engagement of 金芒老师 had introduced the hotel to many potential new customers from China. His stay and his vlog had demonstrated the benefits of the hotel and being Chinese Language friendly was one of the winning factors.

SEO on Travel

Furthermore, we managed to create relevant contents for CHM that are SEO friendly which is then published on a popular travel website, Travel 141. These articles help to provide organic traffic and better search engine ranking on Baidu for CHM.

Extend your reach to China’s consumers!

IH Digital is a digital marketing agency that has expertise in digital marketing campaign, content creation, and amplification of campaign message! Currently, IH Digital is the official digital agency in Southeast Asia to provide Sina Weibo advertising solutions and Weibo advertising services to businesses in Southeast Asia. You can drop your details here for a Weibo account verification. Contact us to know what we can offer to help you with your China digital marketing needs.


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