Conscious Commerce Corporation Celebrates 20 Years in Digital Marketing

Conscious Commerce Corporation Celebrates 20 Years in Digital Marketing

Get in touch CALGARY HQ MAILING ADDRESS 1500 14th Street SW Suite #424 Calgary, Alberta — Award-winning digital marketing agency Conscious Commerce Corporation is celebrating its 20th year in business. Conscious Commerce Corporation (CCC) was founded in 2004 by digital marketing expert Brandon Klayman with the goal of giving clients a 360-degree view of their business, brand, and industry. Since then, it has grown into a seven-figure agency that employs a team of more than fifteen and is currently hiring for three roles. When asked how the company has come so far, Klayman had a very simple answer – people. “From the beginning, CCC was founded on the concept of oneness,” Klayman explains. “On the idea that all businesses operate as part one economy, one country; one world. That idea is what inspired us to prioritize people and partnerships over profits.” “Every engagement we take on, whether partner, staff, or client, we do everything we can to make it a deep, quality based long-term connection,” he adds. “I strongly believe that’s one of the main reasons we sustained 20 years in digital.” Oneness is not CCC’s only guiding principle — the company also prioritizes wealth of knowledge, happiness, awareness and understanding; transparency, and sustainability — abbreviated to WHATSO. Those values, says Klayman, are actually older than the company itself. He had already begun practicing them in 1999, a full five years before founding CCC. “It’s both exciting and humbling to see our values come to fruition after decades,” Klayman continues. “The next step is to inspire others to follow those values. Our evolving global economy becomes more interconnected by the day. It’s time we embrace a new way of doing business and realize that sustainability goes far beyond just the environment. ” CCC is a full-service marketing agency, providing many of its services both as standalone and consolidated through a proprietary platform known as Market, Advertise, Promote (MAP), which will be further supported with the launch of our new integrated campaigns in April. About Conscious Commerce Corporation Conscious Commerce is a hub for 360° marketing solutions, including our MAP – Market. Advertise. Promote. solution, and ONE – Opportunity Now Emerging branding consultancy. Our team of certified digital marketing experts delivers a full suite of services with a truly conscious, personalized approach that supports your business vision.

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