Crown Digital Marketing

Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: Crown Digital Marketing
  • Year Founded:
  • Crown Digital Marketing
  • Type of company: B2B Advertising Services
  • HQ Location: Alberta, Canada

Startup Founders:

Jordan King, founder, and CEO

Startup one-liner:

Opening doors to digital channels to better connect with target demographics

Problem the startup solves:

Helping small brands get the exposure needed and connect with their core audience. More precisely, currently connecting hoteliers and the travel industry with their target customers better connect through direct channels hoping to get better leads, more positive reviews, increase branding and ultimately improve their sales.

We are currently focusing on the hospitality industry as a whole, but the long game plan is working with businesses across many other verticals, as well. We’re extremely ambitious and looking to scale big time.

Progress and Current Status:

We’ve worked with smaller brands in the environmental and legal sectors up until recently. Still, having done research on industries having the biggest struggles in digital visibility, we opted for hospitality branding and advertising at this early stage, to try and help the industry get better connected with their (future) customers.

Having the means, knowledge, and experience, we’re currently scaling up and building our internal team, optimizing internal structure, and looking to onboard as many clients as possible, so lead generation is currently of biggest interest.

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?:

I’m an absolute digital freak and an ambitious entrepreneur with an expressive desire to help businesses grow and maximize their talent.
Having started an agency with the primary goal to grow my business, of course, but helping small brands get the exposure I noticed having lack thereof, so being an experienced marketer, I only felt the urge to connect and partner up to help them achieve their goals.

The story, in response to this specific query, behind focusing on the hospitality industry at this stage was born from my personal experience of having found some major concerns from the traveler’s perspective.
As an entrepreneur, I’m traveling a lot, and oftentimes I need to make an urgent booking to the nearest hotel with specific information regarding accommodation, which should, naturally, be best available on their website. I have found that many hotels don’t really have a CX-friendly site and to make it worst, in most cases, you need to make a booking through a third-party platform, which usually provides very limited information with regard to the guest experience.
In terms of proper lead generation for hotel industry and digital visibility, this is what I believe is crucial to help their brands stand out.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up to, and Why?:

As a marketing and advertising agency, we admire agencies that look to change the online game by building partnerships on a human level, such as Deloitte Digital and brand strategists like Geoff Colon.
We admire people and organizations that strive to make a real change using best practices and implementing creative ways to identify real issues to better connect brands with their audiences.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

I can see our agency well suited with a diverse portfolio with at least a dozen other services added and working across multiple areas.
Headquartered in CA with offices around the world, serving big-digit clients and facing a whole different suite of challenges.
I see a big company with a firm team of content strategists, brand perfectionists, growth managers, analysts, marketers, and designers working under one umbrella with one goal to up the game and raise the advertising standards.

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