Customization to Gamification: How Tophatter is Changing the E-Commerce Video Game

Leveraging clever innovation to serve shoppers a fun and unique experience every visit, Tophatter provides the world’s most entertaining mobile shopping market and connects sellers to over 20 million shoppers around the world. With an unique discovery shopping app, mobile has constantly been a vital element of Tophatter’s strategy.We had a chance to take a seat with Tophatter’s Head of Method, Sree Menon, to learn the ins and outs of her method to mobile and marketing! As she points out,”Mobile is the future, so we are absolutely concentrated on mobile-first.” Sree will be at TAP 2018 on October 4 in NYC to share more thorough insights on how Tophatter is shaking up the E-commerce market with a mobile-first approach!Q: How does Tophatter make online shopping fun?Sree: At Tophatter, our objective is to make shopping enjoyable. Shoppers have no limitation of platforms and locations to shop thesedays, so in order to make it as a merchant you need

to use something special. We don’t aim to compete with the utilitarian, intent-based merchants like Amazon and Walmart on a search experience; we want to consider ourselves the anti-Amazon. If you require batteries or bathroom tissue then go to one of those retailers, look for what you require, and complete your purchase as rapidly as possible. At Tophatter, we supply an experience where consumers hang out, not save it.Shopping as an activity is absolutely nothing new. Malls when dominated the retail industry since buyers enjoyed the act of browsing, trying to find a deal, and finding something unanticipated. We recreate that satisfying activity for mobile– and we construct in extra layers of enjoyable. We make it competitive by selling items in our auctions. Individuals love the act of bidding against their fellow consumers, understanding that no matter exactly what they are getting a deal. The act of getting an offer whether through our auctions or our standard buy now going shopping experience is likewise enjoyable. Shoppers wish to feel smart; they desire to know they discovered a fantastic discount.Q: What strategies do you use for shopping discovery and recommendations?Sree: Our experience was purpose-built for discovery shopping. Over 90% of the items bought on Tophatter are not preceded by a search inquiry. We customize the shopping experience since while our clients enjoy the act of discovery, you have to

ensure the items they are seeing relate to them.Personalization is vital. We have our own proprietary AI technology that we utilize to tailor the experience, and we are constantly experimenting to improve it. As the majority of our shoppers are using our mobile app, we have a limitless amount of data that we use to continuously enhance the user experience. With AI, the possibilities for customization are endless, and now is the time to invest in developing the innovation to do it.Q: Many people aren’t utilized to instant auctions, so how does Tophatter balance this, frequently frenetic, experience for brand-new clients with power users?Sree: You have unlimited alternatives of where to shop today, which can really be really overwhelming, so we desire to make shopping fun instead of a chore. Our format is definitely special, which is what a lot of our shoppers enjoy. Our auctions likewise are really low stakes; bids are totally free and you only pay if you win

, so buyers don’t have to feel like they are taking a risk when they are trying it out.However, we likewise understand the auctions are not for everybody or for every single purchase that’s why we likewise offer things in a traditional buy now format, where they have actually a set price. Though the purchase experience is different than the auctions, the fun feeling of discovering good deals is still there.Q: The Tophatter app is created to deliver a 90-second shopping experience so individuals can shop in”taken minutes “throughout the day. How impactful has this been for the bottom line?Sree: The best mobile apps capitalize on “taken moments.”Whether waiting to inspect

out at the supermarket or loosening up before bed, individuals go to their favorite apps to have some fun and spend a long time– and we wish to be a part of that.< img alt src=*Jp6VRgIWe44WeN__OGPLTA.png > With our auctions, we wish to ensure individuals have a fun experience in the stolen minutes, however likewise guarantee they are not losing out on things they desire to buy. We utilize push notices to alert buyers when something they” liked”in the app is up for auction. That method shoppers can concern us in those”stolen minutes”for a

bit of reprieve from life, and we can include worth by bringing them back to the app when products they are really thinking about are going up for sale.Q: Tophatter provides more than 20 million shoppers around the world, each with unique interests and user journeys, a new ecommerce experience. What role has personalization played in your marketing technique? Exactly what are some key learnings you have actually had working with such a large user base?Sree: Our marketing strategy is diverse. We introduced our first TV commercial this year, which assisted us present our brand name to a broad range of people. Depending on the channel, we customize our marketing to make sure we are revealing individuals things they have an interest in. Overall, we want to reveal how Tophatter is an enjoyable and distinct shopping experience. We are not a hyper-focused ecommerce business that offers one thing like suitcases or glasses, so for us the message is how and why to

shop on Tophatter– to have fun and conserve cash while doing it.Q: How does mobile fit into the larger Tophatter marketing strategy?Sree: Our web app is very important, but a majority of our users are on mobile, which segment will only continue to grow. Mobile is the future, so we are absolutely concentrated on mobile-first, but a few of our users

remain in an older market that is more comfy with the web experience, so we aim to fulfill the requirements of both.Q: When it concerns clients, needs and experiences are generally changing. What emerging technology do you see as having the most significant impact in commerce?Sree: The next years in ecommerce will be formed by customization powered by AI. Consumers are increasingly hungry for customized experiences, and soon they will be status quo. The industry today shows that there is such a thing as too much of an excellent thing– aka too numerous platforms to go shopping and a lot of alternatives within them. Customizing the shopping experience will assist enhance the whole shopping funnel from customer acquisition through to purchase and beyond to customer retention.Q: What are you most excited for at TAP 2018? Sree:

I cannot wait to hear all the brand-new ideas and lessons that peers in the mobile commerce area have actually found out. I started when ecommerce was a nascent market, and no matter what does it cost? it grows there is a lot more to learn and try.We can’t wait to see you at TAP 2018!.?.!! Through September 1st, utilize “TAP-Content50 ” at checkout to take pleasure in 50%off your ticket to see Sree and much more mobile leaders. Customization to Gamification: How Tophatter is Altering the E-Commerce Video Game was originally released in Button Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the discussion by highlighting and responding to this story.

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