DaWanda marketplace to shut down in August

After 12 years as Europe’s leading online market for handmade and special items, DaWanda is to close it’s doors and stop trading on the 30th of August 2018.

DaWanda is an online market that provides sellers a platform to market handmade goods. Items should be unique, made to order, vintage, upcycled or recycled.It’s been a difficult haul for the marketplace, they revealed that in Fall 2017 they reached success for the very first time in their history 2017 and after that have at least covered costs considering that the 4th quarter. The closure is obviously a joint choice of DaWanda ´ s executive group and its shareholders and one may guess that financiers have actually ended and simply aren’t happy to pump more funds into the marketplace.”It wasn ´ t an easy decision to take– we

invested a great deal of heart into developing the market. Together with our community we have established Do-it-yourself and located handmade products as a new classification within ecommerce in Europe. We feel happy of this achievement! More and more we had to confess that we would not be able on a stand-alone basis to drive further development to market. We have act now to guarantee the incomes and businesses of our sellers in the longterm along with their growth.”– Claudia Helming, Creator and Managing Director of DaWanda do not wish to leave their neighborhood of sellers homeless and are recommending Etsy as the location of choice.

The two business are developing in import utility to allow DaWanda sellers to move their stores and inventory seamlessly to Etsy and the tool will be provided complimentary of charge.” We greatly admire the work that the DaWanda group has done to help buyers and sellers celebrate imagination. We’re thrilled to invite their passionate community into our worldwide market, and delighted to bring more special German products to buyers both in Germany and all over the world. In addition to working to make this migration seamless for DaWanda’s users in the coming months, we prepare to continue to buy our German company so that we can empower creative business owners and provide buyers a distinct and appealing shopping experience.”– Linda Findley Kozlowski, COO, Etsy Sellers can continue to trade on DaWanda until the 30th of August, at which point consumers will be instantly rerouted to Etsy.DaWanda staff members have actually currently been informed aboutthe closure of the DaWanda marketplace and bulk has actually left the business with redundancy plans. DaWanda ´ s customer care team will be readily available to buyers and sellers up until end of August.

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