Different Critical Analysis For A Digital Marketing Plan

While devising a digital marketing strategy for any firm it is necessary to understand and perform various analyses with its intent to find specific insights. These analytical procedures help to better understand your business conditions and your competitor’s status. Competitor’s risk will always be there in this modern market condition no matter which products or services you provide through your business. Additionally, globalization and the World Wide Web have increased customer’s reach for worldwide products. Social media and other marketing strategies also play a significant role in branding and marketing initiatives.

A top-notch and efficient digital marketing strategy is instrumental in business success in this techno-savvy and digital environment. Moreover, it’s not sufficient to have a great product or service to withstand as a great marketer in the marketplace. It would not be wrong if someone says that a better marketing and advertising campaign can beat a better and worthwhile product. In this situation, we have planned to put forth different analysis methods useful for a marketer while planning his/her digital marketing strategy.

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Critical Analysis Necessary For A Digital Marketing Plan

Let us start a comprehensive guide on analysis procedures that are beneficial to online marketers for devising their digital marketing strategy.

The first and foremost analysis that must be performed by a marketer is a SWOT Analysis.

SWOT Analysis


SWOT analysis is one of the first lessons any management, commerce, or marketing scholar learns. SWOT analysis is a term that is familiar to every business owner no matter what business they are in. SWOT analysis offers detailed insights on different aspects of the business from threats, opportunities and other points of view. Many management scholars conclude that SWOT analysis is a good instrument as a starting point and mainly it is useful while planning new changes, new direction and resources.

SWOT analysis terms comprise of ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ factors. Here strengths and weaknesses are categorized as ‘Inside’ factors because it is possible to directly control them and take the required action to improve them.

On the other hand opportunities and threats are classified as the ‘Outside’ factors means these are also influenced by outsider parameters and that can also affect your competitors.

While performing SWOT analysis for a digital marketing firm various factors can be accounted for as—





PESTLE Analysis

Another analytical procedure that must be performed by all digital marketers is—PESTLE Analysis.


PESTLE Analysis is a common marketing and business term that involves overview level analysis. In this analytical procedure, external factors have analyzed that influence your business conditions and scenario and accordingly a reliable business strategy is created. PESTLE analysis allows marketers to think about various forces that are not considered in day-to-day business practices. However, PESTLE analysis is useful to conclude about a wide range of factors that can deeply influence your digital marketing strategy.


Analysis of political factors is necessary before finalizing any business strategy because these can act as a barrier in finalizing effective business marketing plan. For every business, it is necessary to be aware of political climate and influences. It is obligatory for businesses that operate across multiple political environments. Understanding political forces is necessary to draft a suitable business expansion strategy that will align with political obligations within the country. It will also assure safe business practices, digital marketing plans that will be within the boundaries fixed by political forces.

This research area is mandatory and self-focused for any business. Many economical terms like inflation rates, demand-supply ratio, wage law, and, purchasing power, etc. offer direct impacts and control on your business ability to market your offerings effectively. High inflation rates will increase the challenges in investment options and fluctuating exchange rates also affects your budget considerations and your ability to market effectively overseas. Fluctuating economic conditions require different and special marketing plans, and the same product and service may be offered best by being marketed through value for money, reliable and high-quality inputs.


Social analysis is similar to political influence analysis but it has less time-bound implications and wider scope than the political analysis. Digital marketing industries’ social analysis includes the creation of buyer persona, customer demographic analysis that will try to cover social aspects of buyers, their preferences, economic conditions and many more.


Digital marketing has a huge scope with reference to marketing and advertising due to its quickest changing nature with technological innovations. Digital marketer needs to change and adopt a completely new marketing strategy just within a year, perhaps two. Continuous changes to social media, technology and cloud solutions, mobile devices and data management and tracking capabilities impose frequent and recurring changes in digital marketing aspects. Future-proofing is a popular term used by many digital marketing service providers however it is impossible to craft 100% future-proof digital marketing strategy.


Legal analysis requires research on legal restrictions and confirming that digital marketing efforts and plans are within the boundaries of a legal framework. Laws and rules change frequently, therefore, it is advisable for a marketer to have current knowledge on all legal aspects.


For any marketer, it is important to notice environmental aspects and forming its business strategies accordingly. They should note that environmental responsibilities are not neglected and harmed due to their business policies. Green and eco-friendly solutions and initiatives and concerns like disaster help, natural calamities and recovery are well admired and appreciated.

Competitor Analysis

This analysis is aimed to compare your business conditions with explicitly your competitor’s business conditions. The main focus is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and accordingly formulate your business expansion plans that will clearly defeat your competitors. While SWOT analysis covers all external factors, competitor analysis covers exclusive competitor analysis with reference to the following guidelines–


These inputs are beneficial in crafting your digital strategy wherein you can copy positives of your competitors and you can strengthen your positive sides for the areas where your competitor is lacking behind.

Internet Business Analysis

An Internet Business Analysis is a different approach to analysis than the previous 3 techniques of business analysis. Various direct questions are considered in this analytical stage. Examples can be—


It is possible to put all these findings altogether to get the complete business picture that will cover your abilities, goals, and market position. This approach will help in crafting a realistic, holistic and efficient digital marketing strategy for a business.

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