Differentiating in a Congested CASB Market

Separating in a Crowded CASB Marketplace I was recently asked to respond to the following question for a partner event:

How does your company distinguish in such a congested marketplace?Always an interesting concern

, and something that our team considers every day. I believed the action was worth publishing, so here it is … Cloud Gain Access To Security Broker(CASBs)have actually quickly emerged as the de facto standard for enterprise cloud security, safeguarding a wide variety of applications -from major SaaS applications like Office 365 to customized established applications operating on IaaS platforms such as Amazon Web Providers and Microsoft Azure. With huge business demand has come a number of would-be CASB competitors, both startups and large companies.Feature-level distinction, which I might go on about permanently, changes gradually as business usage cases progress, and it is our task as a supplier

to remain ahead of the competitors because regard. We do this by focusing on our consumers ‘needs-not just through feature demands, but also by means of direct communication in executive quarterly service evaluations, admin training at Bitglass HQ (which is instructed by individuals from all functional groups to optimize customer interactions and relationship building), and more.Sustainable distinction, nevertheless, comes through the tactical, architectural options that a vendor like Bitglass makes, not only in the service, but across the company as a whole.

A number of areas that I believe finest separate Bitglass’ Next-Gen CASB include: Deployability -A CASB service is useless if it never gets deployed. Many CASB vendors have opted to take shortcuts in their architecture that cause significant implementation difficulties. Particularly, since

  • agentless proxies are”challenging” to make work, they have constructed agent-based architectures. Such architectures are difficult to make work on handled devices and a complete nonstarter for any unmanaged gadgets accessing cloud applications. The core of the Bitglass architecture are agentless proxies which permit transparent gain access to from any device, anywhere, with no software or agent installation. Versatility-Many companies start their cloud journey with a little number of major SaaS applications, such as Workplace 365, Salesforce and Box. From there, cloud rapidly settles in the company and broadens-more SaaS, internal apps relocating to IaaS, and so on.
  • Many CASBs have architectures that rely on hand-coded connectors for each new application, decreasing your move to the cloud. Only Bitglass’ architecture is developed to instantly find out and adapt to any application, which suggests no holding back your company -basic configuration is all that is needed for any application, even internally established applications.Real-time Data Security-numerous CASB vendors have made the simple option of supplying just out-of-band API-based combination with cloud apps, shunning the a lot more tough to build inline proxy architecture. This comes at the cost of losing real-time information & danger protection. Bitglass secures data in real-time and from end-to-end(cloud
  • to gadget). Without such control, are you really fixing anything?Support- Every Bitglass employee becomes part of our prolonged assistance team, and our industry-leading renewal and growth rates show that we take this seriously. We assign a release lead the day of agreement signature, and & individuals in every functional group continue to engage throughout the client lifecycle. All of our consumers deploy( inline)-sounds basic, but that isn’t really the case with other CASBs. Don’t simply take my word for it, attempt it for yourself.

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