Digital Growth Summit: Why eCommerce & Digital Marketing Is Essential For Your Business

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the way things are done in our current reality. Especially now, as people are staying indoors and sheltering in place, they are turning to internet means to provide their needs. Thus, businesses are working to find new ways of doing business through the internet, reaching millions of customers across the globe. These businesses are in search of the best knowledge to achieve the next level of their business scope.

At the heart of e-commerce growth, is digital marketing, which is gaining momentum every day. As e-commerce grows, so does digital marketing, helping businesses to promote visibility in the vast online marketplace that currently exists. It is no longer enough to have a website alone, for e-commerce, the importance of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear. 

A unique opportunity, the Digital Growth Summit (DGS) founded by Anthony Mastellone brings together some of the world’s leading experts in the digital marketing and e-commerce industry. At the DGS, these prized experts share their insights in this sector. To understand more, keep reading to learn about why eCommerce and digital marketing is essential for your business, and how DGS can give you that edge.

Boost The Visibility Of Your Products Or Services

According to eMarketer, global retail e-commerce sales are projected to reach by 2020. Businesses can tap the high potential that lies in online markets by utilizing the right marketing strategies to achieve a high number of customers online. Products are no longer confined in local stores or factory go-downs. Through digital marketing, online platforms are the new shelves, and it takes a combination of the right strategies and content to communicate with millions of potential customers online. 

Digital platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram have become essential in increasing brand visibility across regions. Statistics show that people are more likely to shop online today than in physical shops. report shows that up to 82% of consumers conduct online research on products before making purchase decisions. This goes to show that e-commerce is only going to increase, and businesses should jump on board if they are not currently doing so.

Build Trust And Engage With Customers

Digital platforms provide great channels for companies to communicate with their customers. From providing valuable information regarding products and services to answering specific questions that customers have, digital media makes it easy and possible for companies to connect with their customers through meaningful interactions. It is through these interactions that customers feel appreciated and cared for, and healthy relationships can thrive. It is well known that customers buy from brands that they trust. With so much competition, companies need to put their customers at the heart of their businesses to ensure that they have a community of connected and engaged buyers to build an excellent reputation for their brands.

Digital platforms have redefined how people do business. Through social media, brands can reach thousands of potential customers with a single ad, generating multiple leads for the company. In fact, studies show that content marketing can produce more leads, hence more prospective customers that are likely to become loyal customers as companies continue to nurture those relationships. 

For every business, having a cost-effective marketing strategy is of great importance as it allows them to invest more resources in other sections of the operations such as product development and supply chain management.

Digital Marketing Is Easy To Adopt And Scale

The reason why social media and digital marketing have become so popular in businesses today is that it is easy to adopt and scale. Many companies have transformed their business models by focusing their marketing efforts on digital platforms where they connect better with their potential customers. While most companies would have a website and may be aware of the different social media channels, successful businesses that make a greater effort in developing and utilizing these platforms have an extensive clientele and are likely to produce better margins. 

Expanding digital presence by investing in experts in the field to guide and provide assistance in managing their social or digital platforms is a sure way to optimize returns on investment. Adopting great digital strategy, training, and support makes a significant difference in an organization’s success

Why DGS?

Today, there is great potential in utilizing and maximizing on the digital platforms for the success of various ventures, including business. The future is actually in migrating ventures into digital space, adapting, learning, and investing in technologies that promote access, efficiency, and in the process, optimizing performance and quality.

 The entire platform of DGS is centered around providing the highest quality knowledge in these vital areas, through expert speakers and sessions, not to be missed. Take the plunge today and register now for the and follow on his Instagram (@tonymastofficial). You do not want to miss out on learning from the leading experts in the industry or lose out on the great opportunity that is only a mouse click away. 

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