Digital Marketing & Analytics, MSc

I chose TBS because I was looking for an experience abroad and I thought it was best to choose an organization with an international outlook and a focus on foreign students. I then chose the MSc Marketing Management B2C because I found the program and educational methods appealing. My experience at TBS has been one of the most academically relevant of my life. In fact, it has not only been relevant on an academic level but also on a human level. My classmates, the teachers, and even the TBS staff made me feel comfortable from the first day. Compared to the Italian educational system, I found it easier to be in contact with everyone and with people at all different levels of the school. Now I have returned to Milan to start an internship, but I have been in Barcelona for more than seven months and I can easily say that I have fallen in love with the city. Barcelona is full of beauty everywhere and, as I am Sicilian, being close to the sea is the best plus I could have. Right now I’m doing an internship, I started in the middle of May and it’s going quite well. In the future, I see myself as an expert consultant in strategy and marketing for small and medium-sized companies that find it difficult to compete with large corporations. I love the idea of being able to bring value and advantages to smaller companies, to reduce the skills gap they may have compared to large companies. In Italy specifically, 80% of GDP is created by these types of organizations. As for Covid-19, I was mentally prepared before coming. I did not aspire to enjoy the experience as I would have done under normal circumstances. Since I came with this mentality, the experience ended up exceeding all my expectations. The group of friends that emerged on campus is the biggest reason for it, we spent a lot of time together and were able to do a lot of things, sharing and becoming more friends day by day. We were “obliged” to spend time together because it was difficult to meet new people outside the group due to the restrictions. In turn, this situation made it possible for us to build stronger and deeper relationships with each other. Today I can say that I take with me friendships that I will keep for life from this experience.

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