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Digital marketing audits are not one size fits all.

Every business is different and we believe that for an audit to be useful, it needs to tie directly into your business goals.

By identifying where your greatest opportunities lie and in what areas you’re currently losing out, our digital marketing consultants help to bring renewed focus to your digital strategy and set the framework for your future success.

We work with businesses in all fields to give expert insight and a complete evaluation of website, strategy and performance. Our marketing audit includes sector and competitor analysis, as well as a thorough analysis of architectural and technical issues across your site.

The results of your audit will be tied back to your business objectives, enabling you to assess the likelihood of meeting your goals, revise your targets based on the current trajectory and draw comparison with competitors

Why do you need a digital marketing audit?

Your website is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll make.

Whether it’s an e-commerce store making sales online, or a lead generation website helping to to attract new prospects, your website needs to be achieving – and surpassing – its goals.

By making small optimisations to user journey, content, colour, structure and positioning of elements you can have a significant influence on online sales and impressions. But the ramifications are not limited to what is visible on your site, poor technical configurations can massively damage Google rankings without impacting users. These can go unnoticed until big penalties or disastrous drops in performance occur, by which time it’s too late.

Through an extensive marketing audit these factors can be investigated, measured and actionable recommendations made that will deliver great value back from your digital investment, to help stay ahead of the competition.

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