Digital Marketing Case Study: Mike Staff Productions –

In this week’s digital marketing case study, we look at the wonderful world of weddings. It’s the most important day of a couple’s life. This also also translates into being an industry in itself. Wedding photography, videography and DJs make great money. It also takes a lot of work. This week we explore the case study on Mike Staff Productions.

We developed a strategy for this seemingly niche industry. After all, it’s all digital marketing on our end. We focused on Social Media Advertising and Marketing. In addition to that we knew Google Advertising, website management and SEO would be very helpful in this case.

The goal was to increase year after year leads. We wanted every couple or anyone related to them to know what Mike Staff Productions offered. The awareness with advertising and marketing would make a big difference.


With our data-driven process and their great content combined, we crushed this. 1,800% saved in Google ads cost per conversion. And a 20% increase in year over year leads. We love happy clients, that’s why we offer you these digital marketing case studies!

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