Digital Marketing Consultant In India: Manish Chauhan – FIZARA

Digital Marketing Consultant In India: Manish Chauhan - FIZARA

Manish Chauhan is a Digital Marketing Consultant in India. He’s not just a business owner, but also someone with big ideas who has achieved a lot in digital marketing and teaching. Manish started his own business in 2013. Over the past 11 years, he’s gained a lot of experience in different parts of digital marketing. He’s good at making websites, marketing for online shops, advertising, making sure websites show up in search engines (like Google), using social media to promote businesses, managing a company’s online reputation, dealing with the media, sending marketing emails, and finding smart ways to grow businesses. Currently, he works at where he helps with digital marketing. He also teaches at PIMS (Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategies). His story proves that aiming high, teamwork, and staying focused on your goals can lead to success. Education & Career Education & Career

Manish Chauhan became an engineer like many others. But he didn’t enjoy the typical 9 to 5 job. He always dreamed of starting his own company and becoming successful. In January 2013, Manish Chauhan and Durgesh Mishra met at a startup event in Gurugram. They had just finished college and liked digital technology. They decided to team up and start something. That’s when they started Panache Softech. Their goal was to offer special digital marketing services to startups, businesses, and personal projects. Panache Softech became famous fast. They do different things like helping with digital marketing using Hikemytraffic, sending marketing emails with Digitalaka, and running PIMS, a school for learning digital marketing. They work hard to do good work and come up with new ideas. Because of this, more people are working with Panache Softech now. Manish Chauhan’s Team: Manish Chauhan’s Team:

Manish Chauhan and his team did a great job. They earned lots of money, millions of dollars. They worked hard for their clients, and many clients returned to them. This helped them earn even more money. People recognize them for doing excellent work and aiding their clients in growing. Manish Chauhan and his team care a lot about education and helping people get better. They work with over 50 colleges and universities. Together, they talk and do workshops at these places to teach students about digital marketing jobs. They’ve already taught more than 25,000 students, both in person and online. Things to Learn from Manish Chauhan’s: Things to Learn from Manish Chauhan’s:

Manish Chauhan has been CEO of Panache Softech Pvt Ltd for 11 years. He did over 15,000 training sessions at PIMS – a Digital Marketing Institute and assisted 5,000+ international clients with Hikemytraffic – a Digital Marketing Agency. Now, he’s sharing important tips for new entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. Here’s what he wants them to know. How you do something matters most, not just the idea. It’s okay to start small, but be ready to grow if you have the knowledge, money, and mindset. Starting a business when you’re 35 with a family can be tough. Take risks, but think before you act. Being patient and never giving up is important for long-term success. Technology changes quickly, so plan for the next five years. Money isn’t everything, but it can help with many problems. Be prepared for tough times by planning your money well, especially during uncertain times like a pandemic. Focus on making money and being profitable instead of just thinking about how much your business is worth. Remember, your job is just one part of the world, not the most important. No one succeeds alone. There’s always a team of people helping you, like family, friends, and colleagues. Think globally; consider the whole world, not just your local area. Surround yourself with supportive people. Keep learning new things; it’s important for your whole life. Success: Manish Chauhan’s story teaches us that when you start your own business, work with others, and keep learning, you can succeed. He’s great at digital marketing and has helped lots of young people reach their goals. Manish always has new ideas and inspires others. He shows us that if you love what you do, keep trying, and always do your best, you can achieve a lot. Follow for more information : Website: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook: You can see magazine stories here:

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