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Digital Marketing Course Overview

This course will teach you in detail about the practices and subjects of all forms of digital marketing. You will learn about search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, PPC, e-mail marketing and many more subjects. Under this digital marketing course, you will also be able to practice through live projects and internships which will help you to become an expert in the field. We also provide assistance with interviews, resumes, job placements, career counselling and guidance. Enrol in the best digital marketing course in Ahmedabad now to boost your career! Learn the best digital marketing course in Ahmedabad now!

Digital marketing is the modernization of traditional marketing, where the brand uses the internet and electronic devices as its base and built the strategies around them. It allows you to connect and influence your audience aka customers through various digital channels namely, search engines, applications, social media, websites and email marketing. The various types of content through each digital channel helps a person to build the brand image, increase brand awareness, rising traffic and leads with a purpose of wealth maximization. It also helps in increasing engagement, clicks and sales along with online reputation management.

In the last decade, the internet has taken all over the world and it escalated traditional marketing to digital marketing. Digital marketing covers a higher number of people than traditional marketing and allows the business to flaunt through more eyes. It is also a budget-friendly strategy where a business can directly target the right customer at a right time. The matrix and measurement techniques allow the business to redefine and redraft the marketing strategies to reach success.

Digital marketing is different for each industry and with the changing time, the goals will change too. The prime goal of digital marketing is to increase revenue and maximization of business wealth. Other goals are

The digital marketing strategy means accomplishing your goals through digital modes and techniques. To make an effective strategy one needs to understand the buyer’s journey and persona so that they can create the customer avatar. Another important element of the strategies is evaluating and auditing existing business assets and digital channels. Now use the right tools along with the below-given strategies

The search ads are the ads that are shown on the search engine result page as a result of the search query. Search ads are of two types, Text ads and shopping or product listing ads. In simple terms, when someone types the search query or keywords to get the information about a product or service, Google shows the ads on top and bottom of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The business pays a predefined cost whenever someone clicks on the ad results i.e., CPC (cost per click). The search ads increased the leads and sales of the business with an intent to maximize ROI and ROAS (return on ad spend).

The display ads are also known as banner ads that use images, audio, video or gif, text and URLs to promote the brand on the network of the publishers like GDN, YouTube, applications, and website etc. The display ads are of three basic types, site placement advertisements, contextual advertisements and remarketing. It also allows a brand to target the audience through the keyword, behavioural interest and audience. The visual aspect of the display ads generates a better user experience and helps in increasing brand awareness, engagement rate resulting in higher sales and revenue.

Search engine optimization is a proven technique that helps the business in improving the organic search results and positions on SERP. SEO helps businesses to gain organic traffic and leads by being in the top search results. It requires many techniques like keyword research, link building and earning, on-page and page optimization, content marketing and many more. Search engine optimization is targeted to enhance clicks and conversion through ranking.

Social media marketing means using various social medial platforms. Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Snapchat, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Pinterest, and YouTube marketing helps businesses to connect with the target audience. Through social media, the business can publish content, engage with followers, run a paid advertisement, analysis the results and manage the ORM as well as CRM. It creates brand awareness, boosts sales and increases revenue.

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