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Have you come across advertisements like ‘100% job guarantee with our digital marketing course’ or ‘Enroll in our course and get 100% placement?’ Well, these advertisements sound promising, and many students enroll in a digital marketing course after reading them. But are these ads real? Is what they are claiming real? Digital marketing courses with a 100% job guarantee – trap or truth? This article discusses this critical issue. Why is digital marketing in such demand? It is because international, national, small, and medium-scale companies all require digital marketing strategies to create brand awareness. Thus, the demand for digital marketing professionals is ever-increasing. Also, it is a lucrative career with a high-paying job, and thus, every student has come across advertisements claiming a 100% job guarantee. Such ads make you wonder: when your 4-year degree cannot guarantee a job, how can a few weeks worth, of course, promise one? Does a Digital Marketing Course Come with a Placement Guarantee? How Much Truth is there? There is placement, but do not expect to get a job paying you six figures the instant you complete a digital marketing course. Individuals new to the digital marketing field or switching careers in this field believe that it is easy to land a high-paying job right after completing a six- or four-month training in digital marketing in Jaipur. So? Well, digital marketing is not a magical tool! You will get a job, and slowly you will climb up the ladder and get a high-paying job. But not immediately after completing a course. A career in this field starts by undergoing an internship and then landing a job if your skills are exceptional. So, how can you have assurance that you can get a job after completing a digital marketing course? Understand the skills one needs to get a successful job in the field. If you have those skills, you will enhance them with the course. Or the course will help develop the skills for you. Moreover, ensure you have other supporting skills that, when combined with digital marketing skills, enhance your chances of getting a job. Digital Marketing Course: Job Assistance, not a Job Guarantee! A 100% job guarantee usually translates into job assistance. Why? Because the best digital marketing course prepares you for the job and the interview. The training program helps prepare for the interview, and once you crack the interview process, the job will be yours. The salary, however, will be according to your skills, experience, and capabilities. Having these skills helps in securing a job. Digital knowledge about SEO, SEM, SMO, email marketing, and more. If you have a certification focusing on one area, you have better chances of landing a job. So, will you get a Job with a Digital Marketing Course? Yes, you will, but not without the skills we discussed above. The right foundation is crucial for starting a career in digital marketing. And this foundation starts with finding the right institute for digital marketing in Jaipur. Do not fall for digital marketing courses with a 100% job guarantee. It is more of a trap than a truth. Instead, focus on finding the right institute. To find a reputable digital marketing institute in Jaipur, follow these steps: Check its accreditation. Look at its accreditation to see if it has the proper licensing and certifications to impart digital marketing knowledge to students. Review the instructors. Check to see whether the instructors are industry experts or not. The faculty of the institute of Digital Marketing in Jaipur you choose should be well-accomplished in the field. If they are working as digital marketers, they can teach you better as they will know the newest trends and technology in digital marketing. Curriculum Check the curriculum to ensure it is updated with the newest trends and technological advancements in the field of digital marketing. If the curriculum is old, it will not help you develop the skills required to be a digital marketer. Flexibility to learn Many digital marketing students are working professionals or homemakers. Thus, they need flexible schedules and options to learn offline or online. It is a critical criterion to look for when choosing the best digital marketing course for yourself. Mentorship, internship, and placement Ensure that the faculty provides the right guidance to students. Is the environment friendly, and do the teachers provide learning opportunities on real-time projects? Another thing to notice is whether they offer internships or assist in internships and placements after completing the course in digital marketing. All these things are crucial to see when looking for a digital marketing course for yourself. Something right for you and not just a trap to earn money. Also Read: Digital Marketing Scope in India JSDM Course Get the right skills to start a job in digital marketing with JSPM’s digital marketing course. The course has 30+ modules, making you an expert in affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC advertising, YouTube marketing, and web development. We offer long-term and short-term courses, along with options to choose from an online and offline batch as per convenience. Join our course; we offer internships and job assistance to help you embark on your career in the digital marketing field. Conclusion Digital marketing courses with a 100% job guarantee: trap or truth? Well, there is some truth to this, as digital marketing is in high demand. But without the proper skills and aptitude for the job you are applying for and without entering the market, you cannot be sure of anything. So, research the best digital marketing course available in the market, which not only teaches you the basics but also prepares you for changing trends and techniques. You can find a reliable partner in JSDM with an advanced digital marketing course. Here, you not only learn theory but also implement it practically in real-time projects under the guidance of mentors. So, join JSDM today to embark on your journey to become proficient in digital marketing. FAQs What is the duration of a digital marketing course? Well, it can depend on what you choose. Some courses run for 6 months long while others are only 2 months long. Some insituties like JSDM also offer short courses which you can learn at your own pace for developing relevant skills. Digital Marketing Courses with 100% Job Guarantee – Trap or Truth ?? It is a trap! Instead of this, look for an institute providing 100% job assistance like JSDM.

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