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There has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding customer shopping habits in the United States since the Coronavirus pandemic began to take its toll non-essential services that closed in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. Those that were forced to close their physical areas needed to adapt in order to survive. Other services were not as fortunate and were forced to close permanently. Numerous were required to cut expenses, specifically in their marketing efforts, which caused a little bit of a panic for advertising professionals. Market research performed over the past couple of months has actually not just revealed boosts in digital shopping behavior, however media buys are expected to increase too.

One research study from eMarketer declares that a large shift has actually taken place on the planet of ecommerce, specifically with people over the age of 45. Even as shops start to gradually reopen, buyers from the older group continue to significantly buy products online. A rational reason behind this trend is that despite the fact that the virus does not age discriminate, health authorities are reporting more severe signs in the older population. This is most likely why those ages 45 and older might choose to play it safe and do their shopping from the security of their own houses. The study also shows that a large portion of people of any ages are likely to continue shopping online rather than in stores.

These data ought to unlock for more digital marketing tactics moving forward. Targeting specific group audiences through their interests and habits is a technique long utilized by digital marketers. With this brand-new information on consumer habits, media buyers must look at this as an opportunity to take advantage of these trends, particularly with age demographics as a strong sign. Nevertheless, there is still a big concern amongst media buyers that digital advertisement costs is not increasing as rapidly as these research studies suggest. Another research study reveals that practically 80% of respondents do not think that digital ad costs will start to get till completion of Q3. Possibly this is a very downhearted viewpoint. As specified in our previous article, “Houston Sees Uptick Patterns in Home Services Despite COVID-19”, we are seeing numerous clients actually increasing digital ad invest with tremendously better efficiency than in the very first couple of months of company closures due to the pandemic.

Every industry is different, and each customer is distinct, so it is necessary to advise customers on practical media spending based upon what makes the many sense for their distinct situation and service goals. Company aside, we are all human and hope that we can soon put this pandemic behind us.

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