Digital Marketing Firm RankWorks and Energy Firm Luzboa Now Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Digital Marketing Firm RankWorks and Energy Firm Luzboa Now Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Rate this post Amid the increasing trend and surge in the price of Bitcoin, various firms like RankWorks and Luzboa, regardless of their fields have come forward to accept cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin as a valid method of payment for the services they provide.  Recently, RankWorks, a digital marketing company, made an announcement that from now onwards, they will officially be accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment to run Google Ads Campaigns in Canada and the United States. Industries from other fields, like energy and resources, are looking forward to an additional method of payment involving cryptocurrencies. Luzboa, a small-cap energy trading company based in Portugal, has announced on Wednesday that they will be accepting BTC to pay electricity bills. RankWorks Among the First Digital Marketing Agencies to Accept BTC Chris Keirl, the president and CEO of RankWorks, released a statement keeping in mind the worldwide increase in the number of Blockchain wallet users, and BTC leading in market capitalization and value. He said: “There is a big demand from our client base to accept payments in Bitcoin.  Since a lot of our clients have eCommerce websites that accept payments in cryptocurrency, the decision to adopt Bitcoin as an option to fund digital marketing campaigns was an easy one.” Dan Alper, the Director of Marketing and Brand Development, also added: “It’s our belief that as long as the demand remains strong in digital advertising, new payment technology options will evolve to suit the needs of our clients. It is our goal as a company to provide our client base with an effective solution to move their business online and market their products and services to mass audiences. By accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, it will open up new opportunities to grow RankWorks brand into new markets.” Energy Trading Company Luzboa to Start Accepting Bitcoin Soon Pedro Morais Leitão, the President of Luzboa energy trading company, revealed this news on Wednesday to Expresso, a Portuguese publication.  He revealed that Luzboa is soon going to create a Bitcoin wallet regardless of the risk and volatility, enabling their customers to pay their electricity bills under a brand-new system of payment called Bit Spot. The company executive said: “We are aware of currency volatility, but we are prepared to take some risk, there is a new generation with an interest in cryptocurrencies. We are looking to give an opportunity to use new means of payment.”

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