Digital Marketing For Small Business Growth | Strategies For Success | White Shark Media

Digital Marketing For Small Business Growth | Strategies For Success | White Shark Media

Juggling client needs is a massive challenge – but it doesn’t have to be with extra help. A digital performance marketing agency (like yours) can boost performance by leaning on a white-label digital marketing agency (like ours). We have been providing white-label services for agencies for over 14 years. In that time, we’ve learned something. Our clients feel more comfortable when they understand our services. They want to do so before our first meeting. This step is also helpful to our team as it allows us to get the most out of our time together. If so, this post covers the differences between sales enablement and fulfillment. It also covers signs that you might need one or both. Do you have a discovery call on sales enablement? What is Sales enablement, and what does it include? Sales enablement is the resources that empower your team along the sales cycle. Having suitable materials at hand helps professionals navigate the ups and downs of client conversations, facilitating the closing of a deal. Sales enablement teams or tools can be in-house or outsourced. Typically, this includes: Equipping your team with items like proposals and account audits Providing reporting for the previous month, highlighting comparative data White-label sales & marketing collateral Referencing previous work to manage expectations Sales pitch support Co-event hosting capabilities When clients approach White Shark Media needing the abovementioned items, we recommend sales enablement tools like White Shark Media Compass. It’s essential to find tools that provide a wide range of resources to help your team get from start to finish and address some of the client’s concerns. Our online dashboard allows our clients to pull branded sales materials like: Case studies, by industry Pre-written proposal decks AdClicks reporting tool Access to Monday to request tools from your white-label team What is Sales fulfillment, and what does it include? Separately, sales fulfillment teams are any managed services provided to another agency. For White Shark Media clients, this means someone from our agency manages any or all of the following services for you: PPC, featuring ads in search engine page results Social media, featuring ads on social media platforms SEO, optimizing your site for search engine optimizations Web Design & Development focused on UX/UI & CRO Creative, designing banner ads and video editing services Despite their differences, both services contribute immensely to your digital marketing agency’s capacity to serve clients. Signs you need one of these services Understanding how these services differ is the first step to determining which services support your team’s needs. Our sales team has a great understanding of what to look out for. Below, we’ve matched challenges with the appropriate support. You need Sales Enablement if… Your objectives are growth and scalability. If you are trying to grow your agency and “don’t have the right tools for it,” you’ll benefit significantly from a team of experts and marketing tools. You will feel more confident with data and someone to guide you through the sales cycle. Your team needs more time. Prep time is tedious but necessary. Reviewing materials and ensuring they are coherent for your client meetings is essential. If your team is timely and provides consistent, stellar reports, it’ll only improve the relationship. Tools help you work “smarter,” not “harder.” You want to establish your position as a seasoned marketer. If your agency is starting or trying to break into a particular service outside your expertise, this might make clients weary. That’s why it’s helpful to piggyback on an agency like White Shark Media. We offer our client 20+ years of experience, the use of case studies, and expert support. You need Sales Fulfillment if… You want to grow but “don’t have the bandwidth to take on more clients.” Like the previous growth point, relying on more people expands your business. You are concerned about performance. If your team struggles to see good performance across accounts, leaning on seasoned account managers can help capture new opportunities and flag account errors. Both of these can quickly address an account that has plateaued. Many of your clients aim to improve performance. Our client, FMG, prioritized this when they approached us for performance marketing services. FMG is a furniture & mattress outlet committed to furniture, mattresses, and home furnishing. Our work on this account is an excellent example of how seasoned strategists can turn things around. Our team created new PPC campaigns to increase conversion volumes and improve return on investment. We were able to leverage valuable data from previous campaigns for our launch. Our strategists proceeded to: Target custom audiences (furniture keywords and competitor websites) Leverage past visitors and buyer data Expand our reach with In-Market and Affinity segments Ensure essential assets (images, videos, headlines, and descriptions). Exclude the 18-24 age group to improve conversion rates. Within months, our team increased conversions by 26.16% and reduced cost per acquisition by 23%. Your team needs to gain product knowledge. This issue is one of the more severe points as it can create distrust with your clients. If you are adding services to your portfolio, consider that it takes time to understand how a product works. Leveraging consultations with strategists can prevent sticky situations and minimize your team’s learning curve. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we use the same sales enablement tools that we offer our clients. Tools facilitate materials, while the fulfillment side strengthens product management. Freeing you up for what matters most: client relationships and business development. This investment proves worthy across our portfolio, where we’ve seen businesses do significantly better by adding sales enablement services. With cunning work by our strategists, we’ve seen a percentage growth as high as 400% for Evergreen and 600% for FMG. Our clients multiplied account numbers and sales, all while saving time on redundant tasks. Below is a short clip by Michael Herschel IV, Marketing Director at FMG, on how a white-label partnership can boost business. Contact us to get insights into the sales fulfillment process and how it can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and grow revenue.

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