Digital Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of Making

Don’t worry – everybody makes mistakes, and if you have made one of the errors we list on this page, don’t sweat it! However, considering marketing is a vital part of your business, you should learn from the blunder you have made and set things right. It’s never too late to change, so follow the helpful advice we give you to correct any mistakes you may have already made. And if you haven’t made any of these mistakes? Well done you, though you should still consider them a warning, as you may very well be in danger of committing one of these errors in the future.

Mistake #1: Not spending time working on your website

When it comes to digital marketing, your website is your number one source. It is the face of your business and is the place you can connect your customers to through other facets of your digital marketing efforts, such as through social media and email. You need to ensure your website serves your business well; that it looks and feels good to any potential customers who pop by for a visit. Use these web design tips to help you produce something effective, and then continue to monitor your website regularly, to ensure everything is still working as it should. We know you’re a busy person, but this is something you mustn’t neglect.

Mistake #2: Failing to understand SEO

Again, referring to your website, it is important to have a grasp on SEO. Of course, like many people in business, you will ask two questions.  And then, why should I bother? In answer to both, follow the link to improve your grasp on the subject, because this is your guaranteed way to get your website onto the higher pages of Google’s search engine pages. We appreciate the concept of SEO is difficult to understand, but it’s actually pretty simple to get your head around once you have gained an understanding of the basics. Still, if you don’t have the time or don’t understand the jargon used, you could outsource to a dedicated SEO/web design company to work on this aspect of your website for you.

Mistake #3: Neglecting mobile users

This is twofold. The first mistake and the most common is forgetting to optimize your website for mobile users. This can be detrimental to your business, as many people are surfing the net on their phones and tablets, rather than a traditional laptop or desktop computer. If your site isn’t optimized; i.e., it doesn’t function properly on a smaller screen, then you are going to alienate a huge portion of your customer base. They will simply head over to your competitor who has already ensured their website is ready for business on any device used. The other mistake made regarding mobile users is the use of apps. Considering many people focus their lives around apps these days, it could be in your best interest to produce an app for your customers. Provided it serves a need, an app can increase customer engagement with your brand. Find  to help you build something relevant for your industry.

Mistake #4: Not creating a blog for your website

Most websites have a blog page these days. Why? It can increase the inbound traffic to your site. A blog also ensures your site visitors have a reason to stick around for longer, and it can provide a creative way for you to share information about your business, and communicate with your customers. Follow the tips we posted on our site recently, . And when you have created something, be sure to share it on social media to improve readership, and keep the blog updated with fresh content regularly, as this will both improve your SEO and your customer engagement.

Mistake #5: Marketing to everybody

Who are you targeting within your marketing efforts? Is it everybody with a computer? Is it anybody with a wifi connection? Are you channeling your efforts everywhere, hoping that your message will land with somebody eventually? If so, stop it! You are potentially wasting your time as well as money, despite your best intentions. You will be more efficient if you narrow down your efforts, finding the right demographic to target your business to. Now, your business may appeal to a large number of people, regardless of gender, age, etc.. but if not, it’s important to identify your customers and to get the best results. You can then spend more of your time trying to appeal to them, rather than waste your time marketing to those who will never (or rarely) have an interest in what you are offering.

Mistake #6: Spamming your customers

Once you have found customers, it’s understandable that you want to keep them on your side. After all, you don’t want them leaving you in favor of your business rivals. However, care needs to be taken. If you spam them – and by this, we mean sending too many emails, social media messages, and postal offers – you may just be putting their backs up. Their fingers will be hovering over the delete/block button/trash bin every time they receive yet another message from you. You need to time your messages; only sending them out when you have something helpful and relevant to say. You might want to segregate your messages too, specifying particular customers, rather than sending messages out in bulk to everybody on your customer list. Your customers appreciate the personal touch, so if what you are saying isn’t relevant or helpful, you are wasting both your time and theirs.

Mistake #7: Trying to do everything yourself

Marketing is a time-consuming process, so it’s unlikely you have time to concentrate on this aspect of your business alone. It’s worth delegating the task to other members of your team, or perhaps hiring a dedicated marketing expert (onto your staff or through outsourcing) to manage your marketing efforts. Some of the other mistakes on this page can be alleviated if you do. There are also  to help you with marketing, so make use of what is available to you.


Nobody is infallible – we will always make mistakes – but when it comes to marketing, these mistakes can scupper your business plans. Follow our advice, seek any help that you need to help you improve your operation, and if you do/have made any mistakes, learn from them as you go forward.

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