Digital Marketing News Round-Up (Week 18 2024)

Digital Marketing News Round-Up (Week 18 2024)

Digital Marketing News Topics Week 18 2024 Contents Welcome back to Move Ahead Media’s Weekly News Round Up! We bring you the latest updates and insights from the world of digital marketing, technology and beyond! Each week, we share important stories and trends that impact our industry and your business. This week we look into a cookie-less future, SGE, AI updates and content marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, business owner, or just curious about our world, our News Round Up is your go-to source. So grab a comfortable seat and let’s get started. Third-Party Cookie Depreciation In Chrome Postponed In a not-so-surprising update, Google delays the removal of third-party cookies from Chrome. The announcement was made in the joint quarterly report on the Privacy Sandbox Initiative. The good news is that this allows more time for industry engagement and regulatory review. Websites have until 2025 to transition. Originally, it was planned for a Q3 2023 date. But it has been delayed three times. Early in the year, Chrome began restriction access for 1% of its users globally. The postponement is said to be because of problems in getting feedback from stakeholders and regulators. The repeated postponements highlight the potential disruption for online advertisers and digital marketers who rely on third-party cookie tracking. This extension allows them to reassess their strategies. Some concerns have been rightfully raised. If restrictions start, it can lead to vague privacy-invasive practices. At Move Ahead Media, we’re keeping a close eye on these updates. We are preparing to adapt our approach to continue delivering effective results for our clients. Source: 2024 IAB NewFronts NewFronts 2024 is almost here. One of the most anticipated events in the digital advertising world. Meta announced the event featuring a range of experts and industry professionals. They will discuss the latest ad updates, improving AI tools and expanding Reels. Under the theme “Forward, Faster”, Meta will share the stage with iconic brands and leaders. They will present their vision for the future of digital content. They have announced topics such as: Can Video Advertising Be Better? Game On! The New Stats to Know Driving Brand Marketing ROI Across All Screens and Formats Condé Nast Always On Measuring Audiences from Attention to Action Driving Video Innovation Across The Glass Connecting Brands to Queer Culture–Our Culture The Future of Brand Storytelling and the Next Generation of Young Creatives Applications to attend are still open. Approved attendees will be able to watch the live stream on 2 May 2024. It says that it will follow a late-night talk show format with a live band. Let’s see how that turns out. Source: SGE’s Impact On Local Search Local business owners should be aware of the potential of Search Generative experience (SGE). SGE is a next-generation approach to search engine functionality. It takes into account a wider range of factors compared to traditional search engines. Traditional ones rely on one keyword and a basic algorithm to deliver results. SGE personalises contextually relevant results using intent, location, device type, browsing history and real-time data. This approach aims to mimic human-like tendencies and decision-making. It is a game changer in the world of search. For local SEO businesses, this means evolving and adapting to the landscape. You’ll need to understand and leverage the principles of SGE. Optimising their online presence to better connect with their target audience will make them stand out in local searches. At Move Ahead Media, we “move ahead” of the competition by incorporating all of these into our strategies. We make sure you connect with your audience to drive more traffic, leads and conversions for our clients. Source: Real-Time Responses On Gemini App Another new announcement from Google! The Gemini app is getting a speed boost with “real-time responses”. This basically allows users to read a response as it’s being generated. You don’t have to wait for the entire response to be generated first. This is similar to the web version of Gemini. They are hoping that while the Gemini assistant didn’t launch as smoothly as they hoped, they have been working to improve the chatbot since then. You can find this option on your settings page, and just swipe to turn it on. This is a useful improvement. It saves you a few seconds by letting you start reading as soon as possible. There’s also been talk about Gemini working with Spotify. This will let them get a feature that allows it to integrate with third-party music streaming services. Once integrated, this would open up the ability to get Gemini to play music with voice commands. We will keep an eye out if this actually happens! Source: Reach Your Ideal Customers With Lifestyle Content Marketing This article from Forbes Magazine reminds us about the power of authentic and relatable content. According to John Hall, Senior Contributor at Forbes, lifestyle content marketing connects with audiences on a deeper level. It aligns with their interest and values. Instead of traditional ads, it offers valuable messages that consumers resonate with. This is something we encourage with our clients and other advertisers. Make campaigns and content that stand out using emotions. By crafting content that resonates with your target audience’s lifestyle, they can establish meaningful connections and drive long-term success. He asks you to think about it. When was the last time you bought something because of a compelling ad versus stumbling upon a piece of content that you could relate to? Chances are, it’s the latter. Customers are bombarded with digital clutter. They see ads and promotions all the time. It can get boring for them. But if you make something that makes them feel. it’s a win-win for advertisers and their customers alike. You not only get business, but you also position your brand as a trusted partner. Let’s keep this in mind when we refine our social media marketing strategy. Source: THINK AHEAD. MOVE AHEAD. We love to talk about digital marketing! Contact us today and we can help you generate real ROI gains for your business. Call us at +61 (0) 28 003 3921 or email [email protected]

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