Digital Marketing Predictions 2023 – The Digital Coffee

What trends are going to shape digital marketing in 2023. I consulted the Christmas Stocking Of Predictions and this is what it had to say…

More private communities

For a long time Facebook groups were the only place to build a community. Attempts to set up ‘off Facebook’ groups inevitably failed due to lack of engagement. 

And that makes sense, everyone was on Facebook already so engaging people in your group was easy.

But now people are migrating elsewhere and joining niche communities. Slack, Discord and Circle are growing as hosting spaces for these communities and even a network like Mastodon foster smaller, Facebook group like communities.

More AI

It seems at the end of the year, every year, a big trend takes hold of the digital marketing world. Think Clubhouse for a recent example.

Some stick and others get stolen or integrated into other tools.

This year it’s all about ChatGPT. It’s a tool that has totally changed the AI landscape. Before ChatGPT you could use AI copywriting tools to inspire your writing, the output would require a lot of editing before it made sense. With ChatGPT your copy just needs a quick tidy up and tweak before you publish. 

This makes creating much faster, no more procrastinating over a sales page, email, video script. Drop your key points into ChatGPT and it does the heavy lifting. It eliminates the hours of staring at a blank page and gets your creativity into overdrive. 

But AI isn’t just changing our writing. You can use it for images. Just write a prompt and smart bots will create an image for you. 

This replaces the need to seek out the perfect stock image and as each image is unique you can stand out rather than blend in.

Virtual offices and virtual meeting spaces are becoming more popular. With work from home becoming the norm these spaces will become a more popular way to engage and interact with your colleagues. 

But VR tech is for rich kids (and grown ups too). The headsets will need to be cheaper if we want a world that is inclusive of everyone.

No more cookies

Again… but the cookieless world is getting closer.

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Understanding analytics

Budgets are tight so the pressure is on to make sure the time and money you spend on digital marketing is paying off.

Analytics is a bit part of this and with the big switch off or universal analytics due in July 2023 people will scramble to get their heads around GA4.
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Raw is in

Perfection fatigue is a thing (it’s a thing I just made up). It’s that pain you get when you look at Instagram for too long, it’s the pain you get when you want to take a photo and post it online but realise you’d need to do a *whole lot* of cleaning before you could even think about it.

In 2023 we’re all going to go (slightly) Gremlin and care a little less about the perfection of our imagery and video.

Spurred on by the rawness of TikTok and the imperfections of BeReal perfection is out and a few warts are allowed to appear in your content.

So don’t struggle to keep up with perfection, let some of real life in (but not all of it).

Livestream shopping

It’s not dead it’s just taking a little longer to take off now the pandemic is over (ish).

People are back in the physical shops but that doesn’t mean they’ll never buy online again. Livestream shopping combines relationship marketing with selling. What could go wrong?

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