For small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for large international companies, 2023 will be a year in which it will be necessary to be even more focused on one’s corporate objectives. The aftermath of the pandemic, the various political crises, and economic uncertainty will make your challenges even more complicated but not impossible. Having a guideline to follow, therefore, could help you keep the rudder of your boat firmly to finally overcome the current storm. 

What are the New Year’s forecasts and main digital marketing trends? How to recognize them? Who to trust? Obiyan Infotech will give concrete answers to the questions that most afflict digital marketers (and others) who tend to navigate that impervious sea of ​​social networks and the web.

Digital marketing 2023: inclusiveness in first place

According to the trends of recent years and the latest national and international surveys, two themes (above all) are most at the heart of generation Z- Social inclusiveness and environmental sustainability. These themes are no longer news but more crucial than ever in this historical moment in your business choices. Unlike previous generations, in fact, gen Z also tends to inquire about the background and ethical and moral ideals of the companies in which they are interested.

In recent years, the advertising sector has focused a lot on a more inclusive representation in the creative arena. Forecasts for 2023 will see this trend extend to the media as well. The goal is that people not only perceive affinity with brands. But that the experience (whether it’s a purchase, the use of the content, etc.) takes place in environments familiar to them. In 2023 brands will have to evaluate whether the mix of channels and publishers reaches the breadth of the expected audience and examine any bias in a keyword and topic exclusions. Important will also be considering what affirmative action can be taken to authentically support underrepresented voices and communities. Put simply, in the announcements and advertisements of your companies, you will have to be much more attentive to the topics to be treated and, above all, to the ideals and battles to be espoused.

Environmental sustainability, now and now

As for the issue of sustainability, however, consumers will increasingly want brands to help them make their sustainable choices more manageable. As consumers expect organizations to intensify their impact on society and deliver on promises when they take action. In response, it is important for brands to shift from simply trying to minimize their environmental impact to focusing on a larger purpose. They are (brands) taking a more active role in highlighting important causes and inspiring action.

This type of attitude on the part of brands, even if for simple market reasons, is, in any case, a clear step forward compared to the past. An attitude that has made ” purpose-washing ” immediately recognizable, creating a sort of ” isolationism ” for those brands that still think they can pull the wool over their audience’s eyes. In fact, commitment to causes must be authentic, long-term, and strengthened by actions that go beyond words.

Privacy will no longer be optional.

In 2023, the issue of user data, and their management, will increasingly be at the center of the debate for companies. In fact, after years of scandals, “ Privacy experiences ” have become a decisive element for users. When brands respect the privacy of their audience, their ads perform better, and that’s why it can be said that privacy experiences impact user trust. Consumers view bad privacy experiences as almost as bad as stealing data, which makes them switch to another brand.

 In 2023 make sure (you brand ed) to provide customers with everything they need to be and feel in control of their data. When they lack control over their own data, people become skeptical of digital marketing ” and, therefore, of your business.

Bet everything on Generation Z.

If the last few years have taught us anything about digital marketing, it’s that Generation Z has definitively taken the reins of the market, becoming the undisputed protagonist of all the strategic choices of the brands.

Generation Z – in fact – is the first to be fully grown up with the Internet, and the way they navigate and interact online is constantly evolving. The most relevant platforms for this generation today are those that are dynamic and have highly visual content.

Furthermore, Generation Z will express their preferences regarding where and how they attend and will be present at events that matter most to them. Brands that focus on bringing people into their world will soon be replaced by competition that is more aware of their unmet need for fit and authenticity.

Augmented reality: could this be the year of the consecration?

Although it has been talked about for several years now, 2023 could really be the year of the consecration of augmented reality. In fact, the pandemic has accentuated the importance for brands to be also innovated, and above all, in offline environments. How to do- using augmented reality.

Augmented reality (AR) and other immersive experiences have become fundamental to achieving this goal. The increased use of AR technology also means that in 2023 there will be more consumer demand for immersive experiences. In fact, predictions indicate that more than a third of Generation Z will be shopping with AR by 2025.

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