Digital Marketing Science Training Specification

Digital Marketing Science Training Specification

1. 5 The We propose that you use a data- driven strategy, assess your existing digital marketing effectiveness, and plan for future improvements. Plan Increase the number of clients you reach and the level of awareness in your marketing funnel. Incorporate the most recent vital online marketing methods into your digital marketing plan to increase site traffic. Reach Encourage engagement on your website or social media in order to create future leads. After you’ve found your target audience, it’s critical that you influence their following steps toward a purchase decision. Act Of course, the goal of your organized digital marketing plan is to convert more consumers. To remind and convince your audience to buy online or offline, use retargeting, nurturing, and conversion rate optimization. Convert Improve your tailored communications by leveraging web, email, and social media marketing to develop hyper- personalized marketing campaigns based on the data you already know about them. Engage Stages of Developing a DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY

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