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The Best Design Trends for 2022

The importance of graphic design is vital. It creates identity and extends beyond the appearance of a brand as well. Due to a good implementation of graphics, brands provide education, inform or convince their audience by using various images, …

Design Trends 2020

This year’s design trends are proving to be aligned with the shift into a new decade. Entering the new decade design trends have reached an important milestone. The following trends evoke the sense of limitless possibilities in the wake of a digital …


Marios Orphanos | Aug 30, 2018


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7 Design Tips to Improve Your Social Media Images

Creating the most engaging images for social media is always tough and time-consuming! As an expert in this sector, and after lots of practice (and mistakes!), I will share with you the most important graphic design tips and principles to help …

Why Mobile-First Design is Important

We all know there has been a tremendous rise in popularity when it comes to mobile website viewing. Responsive design allows for an alternative way to build a website, taking into consideration this big shift in mobile browsing usage….

Tips for an effective web design

When it comes to website design anything is critical. Any mistakes or misjudgements can influence your visitors’ behaviour and perception of your company and your product. Before you even try to increase your website’s search ranking and post it on …

Why my new business needs a website?

The entrepreneurial life is not as simple as you expected. It’s stressful, demanding and tough. Due to this constant roller coaster ride, you may have never thought about the importance of a website and if you ever did, your budget probably …

A Website Journey

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