Digital Marketing: The New Age Marketing Resource For Real Estate

What many thought impossible decades back is now achievable thanks to the internet. Digital technology has taken many if not all businesses into new horizons and made the world a smaller place.

The real estate industry is no different and with social distancing and health protocols still in effect, it has not succeeded in permanently stopping the industry’s wheels from turning.

With the demand for connectivity rising to address these health measures, people turn to social media to reconnect with friends and loved ones. Also, it played a vital role in connecting people with essential businesses such as food, basic services, health, etc.

This is where digital marketing comes in. With billions of people actively engaging in Facebook, it becomes one of the most effective channels for businesses to touch base with their target audience.

Investing in social media such as Facebook Ads has filled the gap in the real estate industry and allowed real estate agents to stay in touch with their clients and leads- no matter where they are.

In the months that followed the news o the outbreak, real estate agents have relied on social media to establish and strengthen their brands and businesses.

Here are some helpful ideas to help jumpstart your real estate digital marketing campaigns;

Web presence

This is a no-brainer and yes, your real estate business needs a website. The internet is the go-to place for people looking for anything and everything that they want or need. 

It is more convenient for people to go to a website than to spend time discovering and exploring. With a simple click of their keyboard button all, they need to find can be available to them in seconds.

Your challenge is to make sure that you have the ingredients in your website that people you target are looking for and hope to find.

Email marketing

By far, still one of the best tools to build professional relationships no matter what industry you are in. This is especially true in the current setting where email communication is highly available and accessible. 

Just remember that your email campaigns are those that create meaningful and valuable content that can benefit your audience. The more relevant content you present to your clients, the more likely they are to subscribe and anticipate your email newsletter.


Blogs are amazing tools to help level up your SEO rank and performance, as well as establish a positive reputation online. With a blog, you can provide value by sharing actionable advice to your clients regarding buying and selling property.

Make good use of your blog to strengthen your website and social media content.

Virtual tours

Take your client experience to the next level by offering fun and exciting virtual tours of your property listings. Develop tour concepts that will wow and entice your clients to take action.

Just remember to make the process simple and convenient without eliminating the fun and excitement of a unique and memorable experience.

Webinars and podcasts

Engage your audience by sharing your expertise and knowledge regarding real estate. Make your webinars interesting and educational, while adding fun and surprises to keep them engaged and look forward to your next sessions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is a vital step in making your digital marketing strategies work. SEO is critical in organically driving leads to your website and when done correctly, it can land your webpage on the top of search engine results for relevant searches.

While Google and other search engines constantly update and modify their search algorithms, a fundamental element in SEO is the keyword. Knowing what keywords to use for your particular niche and using those relevant keywords in your website, blog, and social media content can get you high up the search rankings.

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