Digital Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Specialist Should Know (part 2).

On this edition of Agent Insights we feature guest blogger, Catrin Cooper is a freelance writer and content manager from San Francisco. She sees her purpose in providing people with up-to-date info in spheres of marketing, self-development, and real estate. Apart from work, she adores traveling and yoga. 

Digital Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Professional Should Know

The interface is the most critical component of your website or platform. Your potential customers should instantly grasp the key ideas about your product or service. The website should be tailored to a specific message and audience. The interface should be intuitive and easy to use. If the user fails to quickly navigate through the website, you will lose the conversion. In order to boost the efficiency of your website review the time-honored solution of the digital marketing:


After the user followed the link and researched your website you should clearly point out what is the next step to take. Create a Listing, Buy Now, Contact the Agent- those buttons should be vividly displayed on your website. Every effective advertising website has compelling and straightforward call-to-action or CTA. This button informs the user about the process and provides a clear point of contact with your business. It brings the customer close to the point of conversion. It is vital to word the CTA properly. First of all, it has to be short and instructive. Anything ambiguous can distract the user and decrease the rate of conversion.  Second, it should be in line with your unique brand.  You shouldn’t just copy the text from the competing company. Think about how you want to be perceived. Avoid cliches and generic phrases like “learn more”. Your CTA has to be relevant to what you are promoting.

Compelling Messaging

It should be obvious that messaging is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Messaging is in the center of communication with potential customers. The attention span of the average internet user is short. Therefore if your message isn’t clear you will lose the attention of the customer in a matter of seconds. You have a very little time to capture interest. Your message should consist of short phrases,  appeal to emotions, showcase your competitive advantages and highlight the value you have to offer. The message has to persuade the user to click through the ad. Make it compelling and concise.  Moreover, messaging has to be tailored to specific industry and audience. There are plenty of differences if you  advertise rental property  or advertise homes for sale.

Mobile Design

Nowadays more leads are generated through mobile than any other channel. People get to their home laptop only in the evening, while casually surfing the web on their phone all day. Mobile-friendly website design will accelerate the conversions since more users will be able to see your ads. Pay attention to the  details in the mobile design, it can be quite challenging. You need to adjust your ads to small screens and significantly shorten the messages.

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