Digital marketing tips for a right royal celebration | Brew

Digital marketing tips for a right royal celebration | Brew

Read on to see how you can make the Coronation work for your pub or restaurant: 

Create engaging content

Switch up your daily posts with a mix of content forms including images, videos, blogs and infographics to create a buzz in the lead-up to the event. Research interesting Coronation facts or royal family history – even better if there’s a unique royal link with your pub or restaurant.

What did your business or building look like back in 1953? Was there a celebration for the last Coronation? You can even create digital quiz questions and polls to engage your audience on social media.

Utilise email marketing

Use email marketing as an effective way to keep your guests informed about your plans for the Coronation. Send them regular updates and reminders about any events you’re holding or special offers and promotions that are live during the Coronation period. This event is a chance to bring communities together, so emphasise that focus on togetherness, quality time and a memorable day that will go down in British history.

Use hashtags

Think of hashtags as a filing cabinet for content – if you don’t use them, your hard work on social media may never be discovered by anyone outside of your existing followers.

Use key Coronation hashtags such as:

#Coronation #Coronationweekend #Coronationbiglunch #thebighelpout

You can also create your own unique hashtag and encourage your audience to use it – that way you can find user-generated content to re-post, highlight and share to reach a wider audience.

Create a landing page

Go a little deeper with your content and create a dedicated landing page for the Coronation on your website. Provide detailed information about the schedule, ticket information and history of the Coronation as well as information on any big plans you have for the royal celebration.

Use key Coronation and local keywords to boost your SEO and share regularly on social media so that guests can easily access all the information in one place AND explore your website and menus at the same time. This will also reduce the number of questions you have to answer on your social channels.

Post-event strategy

Think bigger than the King’s Coronation itself and create a plan to keep the buzz going after the event. Using social media, email marketing and other digital channels, you can highlight fun moments from the event and encourage people to attend future events at your business.

Share photos, videos and reels from the Coronation and create a highlights reel on Instagram. Don’t forget to search through any unique hashtags you’ve been using to find content from your followers. Thank people for attending and tell them about what you’ve got coming up. It all helps to build that loyal fan base!

Finish your brew…

Don’t forget that we’re here to help. If you need some assistance with your Coronation marketing plan, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

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