Discover the power of Interplas Insights e-marketing solutions – British Plastics and Rubber

If you are looking to place your business’ marketing message directly in front of potential buyers, then our e-marketing solutions provide the perfect route to market.

Throughout our print, online, social, event, and newsletter publishing activities our audience development team establish and maintain an opted-in database of plastic industry innovators, decision makers, stakeholders, and decision influencers across the supply and purchase chain. Our e-marketing solutions help your business to connect your message with this curated database of contacts. Perfect for exhibition marketing, product launches, tactical offers or sales promotions, we have two options that give you flexibility in managing message frequency and share of voice:


Reach our opt-in audience of decision makers and influencers by advertising on our weekly round-up of the hottest news to hit our website and

social platforms hand-picked by our content team.

The newsletter provides a perfect platform for brands to engage with decision makers in their inbox. It puts your message in front of passive readers whilst also driving active prospects to your website. 

Limited banner and MPU positions are available and priced according to their position within the email to promote your products and services, increase engagement with your brand and to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Each e-newsletter campaign is booked in monthly slots, with newsletters delivered every week. This frequency of distribution and exposure goes a long way to building recognition and familiarity within your marketing mix either in isolation or alongside other brand awareness and lead generation elements of the portfolio.


Created by you and distributed by us to our opt-in community. Targeted e-blasts sent to our audience on your behalf – a great way to really reach out and engage with our audience.

They are perfect for a wide range of promotional objectives including exhibition marketing, product launches, white paper

s, new website designs and tactical offers or sales promotions taking your message directly into the inbox of our community of industry decision makers and contacts. This not only gives you a competitive advantage through increasing your share of voice in the market, but the format allows you to reach both passive and active prospects.

A strong e-blast subject line positions you passively in their inboxes, whilst strong e-blast body content and calls to action position you in front of active prospects who are reading the email and engaging in the next steps. The content of your e-blast is flexible and can serve any of your organisational and strategic objectives whether it’s to inform and position your brand, capture data, or drive event attendance. You provide the content and we take your message to market.

We can also serve partial sends based on geography, industrial vertical and selected job functions. 

To see how we can best connect your businesses marketing strategy with our subscribers get in touch to discuss the options.

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