Display Ads that work – AI in digital marketing [2024 Edition] | Adcore Blog

Display Ads that work – AI in digital marketing [2024 Edition] | Adcore Blog

Display Ads that work – AI in digital marketing [2024 Edition] The use of artificial intelligence is one of the most important and fastest growing trends in digital marketing. We all know how hard it is to generate display Ads that work. Luckily, AI helps to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and facilitates the work of marketers. The use of this technology will be even more important in the face of the upcoming cookie-less world. In recent years, more and more users have been blocking display ads, especially on mobile devices. At the same time, in the face of a huge amount of content we consume, the importance of individualizing messages and adapting them to the recipients’ preferences is constantly growing. Marketers work with a great amount of data from many different sources every day. Interpreting and understanding them is key to making decisions about what display ads and where to place them to achieve best results. AI allows you not only to automate this process, but also to improve it. Our brains, the result of millions of years of evolution, are still more complex than the artificial intelligence we can create. However, there are areas in which AI will cope better – such as repetitive tasks and operating on large data sets. One of the most important forms of AI is Machine Learning. It is used, among other things, to search large data sets for patterns. These patterns can then be analyzed by humans to draw data-driven conclusions. These algorithms can be “trained” to analyze the results. Deep Learning goes a step further, as it not only copes with much more complicated tasks, such as collecting data from photos or videos, but also learns from experience and analyzes the collected information. AI also finds its application in digital marketing. According to RTB House data, the effectiveness of recommendations in e-commerce using this technology increases by as much as 41 percent compared to campaigns that do not use Deep Learning. In what areas can the use of artificial intelligence bring the greatest benefits? Specifying target groups Deep learning algorithms can take data from various sources, including third parties, and use it to create profiles for individuals or groups. Based on this information, marketers can create detailed audiences and show them personalized ads. Importantly, this is possible without compromising user privacy. Contextual targeting Although this method may seem a bit outdated to many people, Deep Learning is reinventing and developing it. Algorithms are able to determine what content target users are most engaged with and what creatives to show them to increase the chance of clicking on the ad. This is a solution that works well in branding campaigns. The key advantage of Deep Learning is the ability to interpret data. Algorithms are able to understand data from diverse and non-standard sources, so they will be a good alternative to previously used third-party cookies. They also give marketers the ability to make the most of available information because they can get better results from less data. Targeting in a cookie-less world Targeting in a cookie-less world Revealing what is hidden In the context of retargeting, Deep Learning enables the interpretation of data that has not typically been used before. The technology allows for the analysis of the time of visits to pages with a given product or the order of visited subpages in the store, which allows predicting actual purchasing intentions. On this basis, it is determined which products users are most interested in and better personalizes offers. Custom optimization An important aspect of digital marketing is creating an advertisement in which the content is conveyed in the right way and in the right order. AI algorithms analyze creations and their attractiveness from the user’s point of view. This enables even better personalization and implementation of rules where a human would not be able to find a clear pattern for a specific group of recipients. Real-time updates Our behavioral profiles are constantly changing. Deep Learning can build a behavioral profile in real time and customize what is presented on the banner each time an ad is displayed. These decisions are based, for example, on the audience’s reaction to previously displayed creations. The dynamic development of technology, as well as the great interest in artificial intelligence among the world’s largest corporations, allow us to assume that the possibilities of using Deep Learning in everyday marketing activities will increase year by year. This is especially important as major browsers decide to phase out third-party cookies, which ultimately makes the delivery of personalized advertising more challenging than ever before. In 2017, RTB House became the first major DSP to utilize Deep Learning algorithms across 100% of its technology — instantly giving its clients a competitive advantage Truly Personalized Marketing from RTB House RTB House is the leading digital marketing tech company that employs Deep Learning across campaigns in all stages of the funnel. That makes the company stand out beyond other retargeting providers and allows to generate outstanding results for its clients. For over a decade of rapid growth, RTB House has strived to improve online advertising by delivering innovative and effective technology that is kinder to advertisers’ budgets. It also provides more personalized ads that create better online experiences. RTB House solutions appreciate the right to privacy and respects users’ online choices. All in on Deep Learning In 2017, RTB House became the first major DSP to utilize Deep Learning algorithms across 100% of its technology — instantly giving its clients a competitive advantage and helping them optimize their budgets. Tailor-made creatives RTB House personalized HTML5 ads deliver best-in-class product visibility. The company understands that creatives are one of the most important factors determining the effectiveness of the campaign. Clients confirm that the dedicated dynamic creatives RTB House offer are delightful, relevant, and effective. Ideal ad placement RTB House campaigns use multi-layered brand safety features powered by natural language processing a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. This best-in-class solution can be customized to follow brand safety policy by using: Website Category Filter–easily excludes content categories that may oppose to brand standards. News filter–automatically blocks news content with specific keywords (based on keyword list and publisher URLs). Not allowed list–blocks specific websites to place a brand only in safe environments. Content filter–blocks specific websites based on their content. Smart segmentation that allows to cluster users into groups and yet still treat them as individuals.Precise customer segmentation Final Thoughts The integration of AI into digital marketing represents a transformative shift that is becoming increasingly crucial in our evolving landscape. One of the most striking features of AI in digital marketing is its ability to harness vast amounts of data from various sources, making it possible to create finely detailed audience profiles without compromising user privacy. This personalized approach is essential in an era where ad-blockers are on the rise, and consumers expect tailored content that aligns with their preferences. 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