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Your family law firm website shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing. The way that your website is designed and laid out can directly affect how easily a potential client can find your site when they are searching for the services you offer on search engines.

If your family lawyer website isn’t up to date, doesn’t operate with the proper site speed, isn’t using a proper website structure, isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then you’re losing out on divorce attorney leads.

We see a lot of family lawyers hire a big-box website development company to build their website. Then, they’ll continue to pay that marketing agency monthly for overpriced “marketing services” that don’t do much to drive traffic to the website. This isn’t how digital marketing agencies should work, especially when you consider how vague some of the billing statements are. That’s why we’ve positioned ourselves as the.

Basically, if you’re a divorce lawyer who is interested in growing your family law firm long term, then hiring a website development company for monthly marketing services isn’t a good idea.

No matter how many 500 word blog posts they write for you or how many times they post on social media channels on your behalf, this isn’t an effective strategy for divorce or family lawyers. The market is much too competitive for that nonsense.

Additionally, larger “law firm marketing agencies” may tell you that they’re employing link building techniques on your website. What they don’t tell you is that they are linking back to their platform, not your service pages. This literally does not help your website or inbound marketing efforts in the least. Zero percent.

At Digital Logic, we’re a professional family law firm marketing company with a proven track record for successful legal campaigns. We have professional website developers on staff who create sites that are able to house our clients’ long term marketing goals.

Once your website is completed, our web developers hand over the site to our PPC management specialists and search engine optimization experts to adjust your headings and website structure.

We’re a law firm marketing firm that can do it all in-house because we’ve hired the best in every area of digital marketing that we take on.

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