Don’t Lose Your Facebook Group – Digital Marketing News 18th August 2023

Don't Lose Your Facebook Group – Digital Marketing News 18th August 2023

What keeps you going back to Facebook?

For many the answer is Groups. These interest-based communities seem to be where all the fun is.

But if like me you’ve set up groups and don’t maintain them regularly, you could be in for a shock.

Facebook is now notifying inactive admins that it will appoint someone else if they don’t get their act together.

That’s giving the keys to a community they built to some randomer. Which is not ideal!

I can only imagine this is a bid from Facebook to active dormant communities and get more content to run ads against.

Facebook is warning Group admins to add a new admin…


It will automatically invite a group member to become a new admin itself!


— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra)

How can you promote your podcast on TikTok?

You can do all the usual stuff like posting clips, telling people to search for you, get your guests to promote you.

But soon you’ll be able to add a more direct Call To Action.

A new service from TikTok called ‘Podcast Connect’ will prompt you to add your Podcast RSS feed so that you can link directly to podcast episodes from your videos.

This is fab, with so many people using TikTok for search it could be a great way to attract new listeners. I can see other social networks following this example which will make podcast promo much easier. 

But will it steal traffic from other Podcast services?

Podcasting 🤝 TikTok

Creators can now upload entire episodes to TikTok via an RSS feed and link them to their short-form clips.

One click and boom. Dive into the entire episode.

Why is this a big deal?

For TikTok — users can tune into full episodes without leaving the…

— Brett Dashevsky 🤝 (@brettdash_)

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Group tagging shortcut for Insta

What if instead of painstakingly tagging people one by one in your Instagram posts and stories you could add one tag to add them all?

That will soon be possible according to a post from Instaboss Adam Mosseri’s broadcast channel.

You’ll be able to group users together to easily tag them. And once you create a group, everyone else in the group will be able to use it too.

This will be great for days out with friends, holidays and events, but it will also be great for Spammers. Expect tag spam to take off when this gets implemented.

Sensitivity settings on X

What if you ran an ad in a magazine and it appeared on the same page as someone sharing abusive and controversial opinions?

For some this may enhance their brand, for most, it would damage it. 

We assume that this is one of the reasons that X/Twitter has been haemorrhaging ad revenue since Musk took over with his free speech agenda. 

Most people don’t want an ad promoting their business next to a hate-filled and abuse-ridden conversation. 

In response, X has come up with ‘ad sensitivity settings’. Similar to brand safety controls on other networks you’ll be able to choose a sensitivity level.

Relaxed sensitivity will exclude hate speech and explicit sexual content. 

Standard will add exclusions for gore and explicit language

Conservative will also exclude obscenity, spam, and drugs

Now I don’t consider myself a conservative but spam? Surely there should be no spam on X? It will be interesting to see how advertisers respond.

New YouTube report breakdown by content type

I love that Instagram analytics shows you who sees what type of content, followers or non-followers. 

Based on this you can devise a content strategy designed to grow and convert your audience.

Now YouTube is offering you similar information in the ‘Content’ tab of your analytics.

You can see whether videos, shorts or live streams drive the most new viewers, repeat viewers and subscribers.

For example, I can see that videos drive the most new viewers and subscribers, but live streams drive the most repeat viewers.

This tells me that maybe I should add a stronger CTA to my live streams.

TweetDeck is now subscriber-only

TweetDeck was one of the first Twitter management tools. Then Twitter bought it and it’s been part of the platform ever since. 

Now known as XPro, it’s become a subscription-only product. Users logged in this week to find a pop-up asking them to subscribe to Blue.

For many, TweetDeck was no longer relevant as scheduling and add to teams are available on Twitter itself. But for hardcore users, I know this will feel like a kick in the teeth

LinkedIn AI makes lead get easier

LinkedIn quickly capitalised on AI. We’ve seen collaborative articles, AI messages, and posts. Now they’re adding some new tools that will actually help you make sales.

These are part of Sales Navigator, a LinkedIn premium subscription for salespeople. 

The new tools will:

1. Highlight prospects for you to connect with

2. Allow you to create customer personas based on job title, geography, seniority and function. it will use these personas to identify potential leads.

It will streamline the whole lead discovery process giving you more time to focus on actual sales. Which is nice. 

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