E-Commerce app using Flutter– Part 2: WooCommerce Control Panel Integration

Setting up the admin dashboard utilizing WordPress & & WooCommerce We’ll be establishing our admin control panel on top of WordPress. If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what WordPress is, you can check out it here. To run our WordPress site locally on our computer, we have to install MAMP. Action 1: Install MAMP When set up, we open the MAMP folder and produce MyWebSite folder inside the htdocs folder. MAMP > htdocs > MyWebSite. You can view a video tutorial on this link in case you get stuck somewhere.Step 2: Set up WordPress Next, we install WordPress utilizing this link. Then, we copy the content of Tools ‘menu of the locally hosted MAMP site go to produce our database. The tutorial for establishing the same can be viewed here. Step 4: Setup database using phpMyAdmin Next, we’ll setup our WordPress admin dashboard.For that, we goto the

My Website area in the menu bar on the top of the in your area hosted MAMP site. We connect your database developed in the

previous step with our WordPress site (< a href ="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8yV7t7VXcI"data-href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8yV7t7VXcI"rel=noopener target=_ blank > Referral link). When done, this is what our website would appear like: Step 5: Establishing the WordPress admin dashboard To setup the e-commerce functionality on your dashboard, you need the WooCommerce plugin along with a couple of

others as noted below. You can merely add these plugins

by navigating to the’Plugins’menu left wing and selecting ‘Add New ‘. WordPress REST API (Variation 2): JSON-based REST API

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