E-commerce on track to reach B3.06 tn.

The value of Thailand’s e-commerce market is expected to reach 3.06 trillion baht this year, up 8.5% from last year, driven by the continuous growth of social commerce.According to the most current report of the Electronic Deals Advancement Agency(ETDA ), the marketplace worth of business-to-consumer(B2C )e-commerce in Thailand ranked the greatest in Southeast Asia at US$ 23.33 billion(778.3 billion baht)in 2017. The top 3 sectors recording

the greatest value in 2017 were wholesale/retail trade, lodging and manufacturing, because order.To capitalise on the blossoming e-commerce ecosystem, the ETDA is establishing 2 core jobs to assist regional gamers enter the international market and reinforce their capabilities.Chief executive Surangkana Wayuparb said the ETDA approached Alibaba Group several months ago to help Thai e-commerce gamers trade via the Tmall platform.During the first phase of cooperation, the ETDA aims to make 15 strong Thai e-commerce brand names reach the top 100 in the market. Additionally, the ETDA prepares to promote the first batch of five-year SMEs stepping onto the Tmall platform by year-end. Tmall touts itself as the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. The most popular Thai categories for Chinese clients are cosmetics, health care,

farming and health club products.The ETDA yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with Srinakarinwirot University to establish an e-commerce park to support e-transaction activities. The park will play an important role in promoting the e-commerce ecosystem, supporting entrepreneurs, SMEs, manufacturers and service companies in the regional and global markets.Thailand’s e-commerce park will be a training centre for e-commerce understanding exchange and workshops for trainees, entrepreneurs and SMEs.The ETDA previously signed an MoU with Dongguan China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(Dongguan CCPIT).”The ETDA goes for the Thailand e-commerce park to press 15 Thai brand names on the international platform in the very first year of operations and help 10,000 people produce 1,000 micro SMEs within five years, “Ms Surangkana said.Thailand’s e-commerce market value last year was 2.81 trillion baht, up 8.6%

year-on-year. B2B e-commerce was valued at 1.6 trillion baht, B2C was at 812.6 billion and B2G was at 324.7 billion.”Promoting the Thai e-commerce market globally, particularly in China, the US and Europe is a tough job,”Ms Surangkana stated, adding that B2C represented 29% of e-commerce value in the country.In 2018, e-commerce will trend towards a huge information approach related to personalisation for buyers, social commerce, blockchain and e-commerce powered by expert system.

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