Effective Digital Marketing Awards – The Winners (Part 2).

We continue our round-up of the Effective Digital Marketing Awards winners with a take a look at the winning projects in one of the most Reliable Content Marketing Campaign; the Most Effective Integrated Project; and one of the most Effective Efficiency Marketing Campaign classifications.

The majority of Efficient Material Marketing Campaign
Aruba Tourism Authority and Concept Farm– Aruba Goes Local
Aruba is the most tourism-dependent island in the entire world, with almost 90 per cent of Aruba’s economy directly or indirectly depending on tourism and much of these travelers coming from Venezuela.

When the Venezuelan socio-economic crisis peaked in 2016, with 800 per cent inflation Venezuelan visitors to Aruba plunged by 40 per cent, and Principle Farm was charged with making up the shortfall by bring in more visitors from the United States.
To do so, it wanted to get away from the generic Caribbean diet of sun, sea and sand, and influence a more emotional, human connection with a more upscale audience, motivating them to check out the island.

To satisfy the brief, Idea Farm developed 40 videos of differing length, which were released on YouTube and aruba.com, and long format episodes in addition to much shorter social content. The campaign was integrated throughout YouTube and aruba.com, and likewise edited down to bite-size portions for social networks. They were supported by digital advertisements, native material, social networks, eCRM, outside, PR, and a 360-degree interactive map. The videos were created to reveal Aruba and Arubans enjoying their appeal of people and location with a sense of interest and playfulness, and covered local art and music, food and adventure.

The campaign delivered outstanding results, with organic and paid social networks posts securing 3.3 m views and creating 34,800 engagements. YouTube delivered a further 40,000 views with typical duration of 75 percent, versus a standard of 50 per cent.Visits from Venezuela fell by 62 percent in between August 2016 and August 2017. Over the exact same period, gos to from the US rose, but just by 9 per cent, Nevertheless, the more upscale United States visitors meant that a 2 per cent decrease in tourism invoices between 2015 and 2016 became a 3.5 percent increase in invoices in 2017.

A well thought-out and well-executed project that more than satisfied its objectives.Most Effective Integrated Project Three and Mindshare– Wuntu 3 App Install Campaign Mobile network Three introduced the Wuntu app in September 2017. It offers a variety of rewards, discounts and content solely for Three clients. Early uptake was strong, however quickly tailed off so 3 charged Mindshare with a broader comms project to raise awareness of the app among 3 customers; to build association in between 3 and Wuntu (80 percent of existing 3 clients did not understand about the app ); to and create a fear of losing out amongst those not with the network, for that reason providing a need to join. In addition to raising awareness of the app, the objective was to drive1m downloads of the app. Using social listening and working with pattern partners, Mindshare tried to find signals to recognize when users might be most receptive to deals and benefits. This exposed that Wednesday seemed like the longest and most extracted day for Three clients, so Mindshare produced Wuntu Wednesdays to enable Three to offer their consumers a mid-week reward to drive loyalty and repeat check outs. Mindshare likewise applied this insight to its media strategy, focusing the awareness aspect of the project on Wednesdays.

This implied driving reach at scale with takeovers and Wednesday-specific titles such as weekly strips in the Metro and Evening Standard, mastheads on YouTube, ad-free music on Spotify and First View takeovers on Twitter. All above-the-line activity was targeted and timely with from home spots selected for their proximity to deal redemption areas like Bella Italia and Las Iguanas. For the app downloads, Mindshare adopted a mobile-only technique throughout search, social, display screen and affiliates. As determining the most effective channels to reach Three customers and provide app downloads, we likewise looked to determine brand-new opportunities to drive action. Such as Yahoo Gemini, where Three were the very first UK advertiser in the Telco sector to run an app set up campaign.Mindshare communicated with partners to incorporate 3’s SDK to track app installs. Following the SDK combination, all channels were optimised daily to determine users who were more most likely to install the app. The project was a definite success, going beyond the client’s KPIs after just two months of the 3-month project. It drove 1.9 m app downloads in Q4 and once they had installed the app, users engaged with it, with 158,877 pizza deals, 142,947 cinema tickets, and 342,078 free coffees redeemed. 545,000 of these were credited to the app download project. From a brand name awareness viewpoint, the project provided over 25m videos views and over 240m impressions.Most Effective Performance Marketing Project TOPSHOP and Awin– The Power of Influencer Marketing This project from Awin for TopShop was developed to reward influencers for the part their content played in influencing the sale. In preparing the entry, TopShop

and Awin asked for that all information remained confidential, so there’s not an awful lot we can say, aside from that the outcome were sufficiently excellent to make one of the most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign award for the work. As one of the judges noted:”This was an excellent effort to surpass last-click attribution and reward influencers for their part in driving sales. It was extremely effective too, driving increased revenues for the seller and its influencer partners, and likewise reaching beyond what is perceived as TopShop’s core audience to effectively target 25-55 year olds.”

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