Email Marketing – Maximizing Engagement | Electric Bricks Digital Marketing

Email Marketing - Maximizing Engagement | Electric Bricks Digital Marketing

What’s the secret to getting customers to look forward to opening marketing emails from you, especially when everyone’s inboxes seem to be overflowing on a daily basis? This crucial avenue keeps customers actively engaged with your brand and in turn optimizes your revenue stream. Often small business owners put this type of activity on the back burner and promise themselves they will eventually find time to do it, but instead, now may be time to consider hiring the experts at Electric Bricks to support this crucial marketing activity. Content and Campaigns With the highly optimized world of email marketing constantly evolving, and even including the use of AI, businesses may find themselves quickly losing customers and market share to competitors. What you need are marketing experts who can not only plan your campaigns, but design them with compelling copy that will entice readers to take action. Even better, they can provide a window into which customers are actually opening your communication and taking action by clicking on relevant links. Email Lists Compilation is the Key to Success A challenge for small business owners who attempt to do email marketing campaigns on their own, is that they don’t realize the time it takes to continually cultivate active lists. There are a variety of ways to establish robust email marketing lists, and our marketing experts know how to keep them current while establishing other avenues to attract new prospective customers. It’s All About the Design Part of the success of any campaign is what the email looks like. Our seasoned marketing and design professionals know what it takes to make any correspondence visually appealing and easy to read while highlighting important call-to-action items. If you are tired of seeing how successful your competitors are, but continually find yourself frustrated with a lack of time to actually implement this “must-do” marketing activity, give us a call.

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