Employee Spotlight: June Li – Digital Marketing Manager at Kymeta

Employee Spotlight: June Li – Digital Marketing Manager at Kymeta

Employee Spotlight: June Li – Digital Marketing Manager at Kymeta In the upcoming December edition of our employee blog, we are delighted to feature June Li, our Digital Marketing Manager at Kymeta. Having contributed her talents for two years, June reflects on the unique aspects that make working at Kymeta truly exceptional. One of the standout qualities June appreciates is the transformative potential of our products. She recognizes the genuine impact they can have on people’s lives, making her experience at Kymeta particularly rewarding. Furthermore, the company culture, characterized by transparency and excellent communication, has enriched her professional journey and created a collaborative and engaging work environment. Within our dynamic company culture, June identifies a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. This culture values collective efforts, fostering unity and shared achievements among team members. June feels a strong connection to the company’s mission, which aims to enhance lives through global satellite and cellular broadband communications. This commitment aligns seamlessly with her belief in the transformative power of innovative technologies. Connecting with the core principle of “DO THE RIGHT THING,” June emphasizes the importance of integrity and making ethically sound decisions. This principle contributes to a culture where choices prioritize the well-being of everyone involved. Describing her team as tight-knit and efficient, June appreciates the open and honest communication that defines their interactions. Each team member takes on multiple roles, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. One of June’s significant achievements has been leading the effort to refresh the website, showcasing the collaborative spirit within the team. Inspired by Brenda Kuhns, Lilac Muller, and Alisa Garcia, June values their smart approach, strategic thinking, passion for work, and empathy. These women contribute not only to the team but also to the overall progress of the company. “Taking full advantage of available resources during my tenure on the team, I’ve found the Wiki page to be incredibly valuable. It serves as a rich source of information, and JIRA has proven instrumental in efficiently managing tasks and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the full background of projects. Among the various benefits offered, my absolute favorite is the hybrid work option. Given my passion for snowboarding, especially during winter when I seek out the best powder days in different states, the flexibility provided by the hybrid work model is invaluable. This benefit allows me to seamlessly balance my love for snowboarding with my work responsibilities, ensuring I stay on track while enjoying my favorite winter pastime. ” states June. Professionally, June has experienced significant growth in the rapidly changing field of digital marketing. She appreciates the opportunities at Kymeta that have allowed her to learn, test new strategies, optimize performance, and achieve positive results. Her expanded knowledge of satellite communication has further enriched her expertise. Described by her coworkers as organized, proactive, and prompt in her responses, June’s structured approach contributes to a productive and collaborative work environment. She enjoys the autonomy of working independently while knowing there is always support available if needed. Outside of work, June’s favorite pastime is snowboarding, reflecting her love for the thrill and relaxation it brings. A surprising fact about her is that she is certified to teach snowboarding, showcasing her commitment to this passion. June lives by Steve Jobs’ quote, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This motto reminds her to stay true to her passion, especially in challenging times, emphasizing the importance of finding joy and fulfillment in her work. June’s journey at Kymeta reflects not only professional growth but also a commitment to a fulfilling and passionate career. We are thrilled to have June be a part of the Kymeta team and express our gratitude for her valuable contributions.

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