Flat wine bottle for e-commerce is a Dow Diamond finalist

Development not just for innovation’s sake, but driven by unmet customer and market requirements: That was the inspiration behind Garçon Wines’ Flat Bottle for e-commerce, an uniquely shaped bottle that easily slides through the rectangle-shaped letterboxes discovered in the doors of U.K. consumers and organisations. For its resourcefulness, this “flattened” 750-cL ANIMAL bottle, which not just helps with the shipment of wine bundles, however also includes a variety of noteworthy sustainability enhancements over round glass bottles, was acknowledged by Dow as a Diamond finalist in its 2018 30th Awards for Packaging Innovation.

“We didn’t set out to develop a flat bottle, we set out to discover a method to deliver wine effortlessly into U.K. homes when the recipient was not there to take delivery personally,” discusses Santiago Navarro, CEO and Co-Founder of London-based Delivering Happiness Ltd., trading as Garçon Wines. “The idea was catalyzed by the need to solve a particular, clear issue of home shipment in the U.K.”

The U.K.’s online retail association, IMRG, estimates that failed deliveries cost the market around ₤ 780 million each year, while environmental professionals say they result in 900,000 kg of carbon emissions created from redelivery efforts by carriers or from customers driving to Royal Mail collection points to recover their parcels.Navarro says Garçon Wines checked out a number of packaging choices to get rid of unsuccessful wine deliveries, consisting of bag-in-box or pouch product packaging in a secondary shipping case that fits through the letterbox. “However, while these more apparent solutions achieved the practical benefits of smooth shipment, they totally missed the psychological benefits of a vessel that looked stunning enough that it would be happily put on a dining table, “he says.After” weeks and weeks”of pondering the issue, Navarro states he had his eureka! minute. His idea was to flatten the bottle, or take a sample of the wine bottle shape, so it would fit through a letterbox however still look like a standard Bordeaux bottle in its percentages and in the shape of its shoulder and neck.”Appreciating the heritage and custom of wine meant we accomplished optimum emotional benefits, while being functionally helpful too,”he says.To bring the bottle design to fulfillment, Garçon Wines dealt with RPC M&H Plastics. The project was not simple though, as Garçon Wines likewise desired to construct the bottle using 100 %&recycled FAMILY PET. While the use of rPET is not unique in the production of drink bottles as a whole, it is rather rare for bottle, Navarro says. “Utilizing virgin FAMILY PET is more affordable and simpler for bottle production, and it’s my view this is why recycled FAMILY PET has actually not been utilized to the extent it ought to be,”he states.”In addition, recycled ANIMAL at 50-percent content and greater, and certainly at One Hundred Percent, is not clear– it’s a little greyish and cloudy. I believe brands have been frightened that consumers would react adversely to this, and so they’ve stuck with the crystal-clear choice of virgin PET.RPC M&H Plastics conquered the staining concern by making the bottles a natural olive green for red and gewurztraminers and a light pink for rosé wines.

The rPET is blended with an additive, ColorMatrix ™ Amosorb ™ SolO2 from PolyOne, that prevents oxygen migration and assists in prolonging the service life of the wine. Navarro says the wine must not remain in the bottle beyond the suggested rack life of 12 months to prevent oxidation of the wine. He adds that food-safe 100% rPET has actually been shown by numerous independent sources to not impact the taste of the wine.While the 12-month rack life is significantly longer than typically attained with plastic wine bottles, Navarro admits it uses a shorter service life than glass. However that’s all right; the flat wine bottle is not suggested for luxury wines.” We’re not catering to wines that have to be aged in-bottle,”he states.”The finest wines that can gain from bottle aging, such as a first-growth Bordeaux, should be bottled in glass and sealed with natural cork. Nevertheless, this is simply a very small portion of the 33 billion bottles of wine consumed every year around the world.”The flat bottle is 320-mm tall, about 2-cm taller than the round glass version of the exact same shape and volume after which it is modeled. Its shape and its usage of plastic use a number of sustainability advantages associated with distribution, from vineyard to last customer. Garçon Wines states the bottle is 87% lighter than a comparable glass bottle, supplying a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during transportation, which might consist of fuel for both trucks and ships. Its plastic construction likewise lowers breakage, restricting waste, and, states Navarro, less energy is utilized per unit to produce a plastic bottle versus a glass one.On the topic of shape, having 2 flat sides and being 40%spatially smaller, the bottle also significantly increases the cube efficiency of the packages throughout transportation. According to Navarro, round glass bottles, stacked 4 levels high on a pallet, have a cube effectiveness of 34.45 %, indicating the total volume of wine on the pallet is 34.45%of the total cubic volume of the pallet. In contrast, the cube performance of a likewise stacked pallet of flat wine bottles is 50.77%. “This suggests our bottles increase the cube effectiveness of wine in transport by 47 percent, “he says.Garçon Wines is excited to share its invention with all takers. The company began as a B2C brand for a U.K. wine club. With the creation of the flat bottle, it rotated to end up being a B2B beverage product packaging and wine wholesaler partnering with a growing global variety of wineries, wine brands, wholesalers, clubs, and packaging business. It is presently focusing on the consumer gifting space in the U.K., providing 6 ranges of wine via three e-tailers: Bloom & Wild, which pioneered letterbox flowers; Next Flowers, the online flower shipment division of a well-known U.K. merchant; and online consumer and business gifting company Gifted To You.The wines are packaged in a corrugated, letterbox-friendly postal pack developed in cooperation with an exclusive British-based international product packaging business.”It was established mostly to deliver the wine safely and flawlessly through the letterbox,”says Navarro.”To this aim, a fit in most of postal boxes was a must, therefore we researched letterbox dimensions at a level that few others would ever do. It was likewise produced to reduce the quantity of product packaging utilized and to ensure it was quickly and totally recyclable after, as being environmentally friendly is essential to everything we do. Finally, we care about the psychological, and so we created our postal pack to be as appealing and enticing as possible. “However letterbox delivery is “actually just the idea of the iceberg “for Garçon Wines, Navarro states. The company has worldwide prepare for the flat bottle, not just for use with wines, however likewise for spirits and other liquid food and beverages.”We have actually secured our intellectual residential or commercial property for flat bottles throughout 35 of the main wine-consuming and producing nations, and we have actually got plans afoot to get in essential wine and spirits markets,”he shares. He likewise keeps in mind that the business has”

a few items in the pipeline”for in-store selling in the U.K., the Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

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